1999-01-27 11:49:26.52


A 75-year-old Columbia man can now buy a new car after winning $25,000 tax paid in Sunday night’s SHOW ME 5 drawing. Robert "Bob" Hizer claimed his prize at the Missouri Lottery’s Jefferson City office today. Hizer and his wife, Lenore, say the money came just in time. They’ve been wanting to buy a new car since theirs is getting older and needing more repairs. Hizer purchased his winning ticket Sunday at Nowell’s on Nifong, 505 E. Nifong Blvd. in Columbia. He used numbers from his and Lenore’s birthdays. The winning numbers are: 2, 7, 22, 23 and 30. To date, 693 SHOW ME 5 players have won $25,000 tax paid* since that game began in November 1994. * Twenty-eight percent federal and 4 percent state taxes are withheld from the total prize amount of $36,764.70 to provide $25,000 cash at the time of redemption. Depending on personal income, winners may owe additional taxes for the prize, or they may receive a refund.

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