2006-09-15 14:55:26.48

Summersville Man Gets $20,000 Birthday Present

Story Photo A Summersville man will celebrate a special birthday thanks to a Missouri Lottery prize. Keith Smith, 34, was going home from a meeting on Sept. 15 and stopped at different convenience stores along the way to purchase Powerball and Scratchers tickets. The "$100 Million Cash Spectacular" Scratchers ticket he purchased at Walt’s Ltd., 12760 Highway 17 in Roby, turned out to be worth $20,000.
"This is one of the best birthdays ever," Smith said.
Smith uncovered the first row of the ticket and thought he had won "at least $100." As he kept scratching the ticket, he realized it was worth much more.
"I turned it over and signed the back before I even finished scratching it," Smith said.
With two small children, Smith plans to use part of his prize to purchase a swing set. He also plans to buy a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle.
The $10 Scratchers game "$100 Million Cash Spectacular" officially began on Sept. 10, 2005.

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