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The number 13 isn’t unlucky for the Missouri Lottery. Exactly 13 years ago today, the lottery kicked off sales with an instant game called "Jackpot ’86." Since then, the lottery has sold more than $4 billion in tickets, provided more than $1.28 billion to the state of Missouri (including education), and has awarded more than $2 billion in prizes to lottery winners, including 142 lottery-made millionaires, who won jackpot prizes totaling $865 million. In addition, retailers have earned more than $546 million in commissions and incentives for selling lottery tickets. "The Missouri Lottery continues to be a valuable source of funds for public education," said Jim Scroggins, executive director of the Missouri Lottery. "We hope the next 13 years can be even more successful." The Missouri Lottery started with one instant-win game and today’s product mix consists of five on-line games, more than a dozen instant games and several Pull-Tab games. In addition, the lottery also hosts a weekly game show called "Fun & Fortune," which started exactly three years ago today.

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