2006-08-25 15:22:30.627

Columbia Woman Wins Pick 4 Prize

Story Photo A Columbia woman is $3,250 richer after she played the Missouri Lottery’s evening Pick 4 game on July 27. Mevagene Wilson, 59, said she plans to share her prize with her family.
"I also told my co-workers I’d take them to lunch," Wilson said.
Wilson bought her winning ticket at Gerbes, 1729 W. Broadway in Columbia. She always picks her own numbers and had a unique method for choosing this particular set of numbers.
Wilson had some winning Pick 4 tickets she hadn’t cashed yet. One of those tickets was a winner worth $250; unfortunately, it had expired two weeks before. Although she was disappointed that the ticket had expired, the serial number on the bottom of the ticket caught her eye. Wilson decided to play the last four digits of the serial number. Six days later, those numbers were drawn. They were 2, 9, 4 and 4.
Pick 4 is a twice-daily Numbers Game that allows players a chance to win up to $6,000.

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