2006-07-11 15:24:43.29

Bakersfield Man Uncovers Bingo Prize

Story Photo Armando Valentin, Bakersfield, is the newest winner on the "block" after he claimed a $25,003 prize on July 10 playing "Block Bingo."
Valentin, 26, purchased his winning ticket when he stopped to get a soda at B & C Quick Stop, Highway 101 in Bakersfield. When he uncovered the prize, he didn?t believe that he had actually won. He had his girlfriend and family members check the ticket before taking it back to the store to verify that it was definitely a winner.
Valentin said he’s won a few dollars playing the Lottery in the past, but this is the largest prize he’s ever won.
"I think I’m the biggest winner in town," Valentin said.
With his third child on the way, Valentin said he plans to save his prize for now, but he also hopes to enjoy it "here and there."
"Block Bingo," a $2 Scratchers game, officially began on May 27.

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