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St. Louis Man Wins $50,000 Keno Prize At The Rec Room

Story Photo A trip to the Rec Room instead of the gym paid off for a St. Louis (63129*) man who ended up winning $50,000 playing the Missouri Lottery’s Club Keno game. Gary DePriest, 49, said he just got off work as a technician for ATT on June 16, and he was planning to go to the gym to work out, until a friend called him.
"We went to the Rec Room, and we were watching the World Cup Soccer tournament," said DePriest. The Rec Room is located at 2650 Telegraph Road in St. Louis.
DePriest said he was playing three numbers in Club Keno for awhile, and he was thinking about leaving when he decided to play a 10-spot game with the Bulls-Eye for $4. To his surprise, nine of his 10 numbers and the Bulls-Eye number were drawn, and he won $50,000.
"I thought, ’Am I seeing this right?’" said DePriest, recalling the winning moment.
DePriest said he and his wife, Laurie, plan to use the prize money to get their riding lawn mower fixed and to help pay off their home mortgage. They are also contemplating finishing their basement or adding a "Florida room" to their home.
Club Keno began in May 2002. Players can win from $1 to $100,000 per $1 ticket per drawing. For an extra $1, players can chose the Bulls-Eye option and win between $5 and $50 for matching just the Bulls-Eye number. Players can win as much as $300,000 by matching all the numbers and the Bulls-Eye number in a 10-spot game. For more information about Club Keno and the Bulls-Eye feature, go to
* winner’s zip code to help media determine coverage area

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