2006-06-05 11:12:26.687

Columbia Woman Wins $3,650 in Two Days

Story Photo A Columbia woman won $3,650 in two days playing the Missouri Lottery’s Pick 3 and Pick 4 games using a combination of the same numbers. Cynthia Burton, 39, said she won $400 on June 2 playing 9-1-9 in Pick 3 and then won $3,250 on June 3 playing 9-0-1-9.
Burton said she selected her winning numbers using the Numbers Wizard feature on the Lottery’s Web site at She said 9-19 also happens to be a friend’s birthday. She found she won for the second day in a row on June 3 when she stopped to get a print out of the winning numbers.
"I saw the numbers right off the bat and said, ’No way; I won two days in row,’" Burton said. "It’s hard to believe."
Burton, who works as a cook at Union Square on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus, said she plans to put her winnings in the bank, pay some bills and maybe share some with the friend whose birthday is Sept. 19. She purchased her winning ticket at Phillips MPC, 1102 Business Loop 70 E. in Columbia.
Pick 4 is a twice-daily cash Numbers Game that allows players a chance to win up to $6,000.

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