2006-05-09 15:14:03.613

Springfield Woman Uncovers $30,000 Prize

A Springfield woman said she is making plans for her family’s future after she won $30,000 playing the Missouri Lottery’s Scratchers game "$50 Fiesta." Karrie Keehart, 26, said she went to Kum & Go, 3352 E. Sunshine in Springfield, on May 5 to cash a previous winning ticket for $10 and purchased five $2 "$50 Fiesta" tickets. All five of the tickets were winners, but it was the third ticket was worth $30,000. She won an additional $10 from the other four tickets.
"As soon as I got done scratching the ticket, my husband called me," Keehart said. "I was thinking about surprising him later, but I was shaking so much when he called that I had to tell him. I couldn’t wait."
Keehart, a student at Ozark Technical College in Springfield, said she and her husband, Ricky, who also is a student, plan to use their winnings to host a "wonderful birthday party" for their son, pay off some debts and invest for their future.
"$50 Fiesta," a $2 game, officially started on Feb. 25.

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