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Retired Mail Carrier Gets Special Delivery

Story Photo An ordinary day of running errands turned into an extraordinary afternoon for an Urbana woman when she uncovered $10,000 on the $5 Scratchers game "Silver 7’s." Sondra Donnell-Moore, 61, said she stops to purchase gas and Scratchers tickets every Friday. On March 24, she decided to play a higher priced ticket, and her instincts paid off.
The retired rural mail carrier continued on her errands after purchasing her tickets. She scratched her tickets when she stopped at a restaurant for lunch. Her first ticket revealed a $5 prize and the second ticket turned out to be the big winner. Donnell-Moore’s first response was, "I don?t think I can eat. I don’t think I can move."
"My heart went pitty-pat and they told me to get a brown bag," said Donnell-Moore.
Donnell-Moore returned to Bullseye, 300 S. Dallas in Urbana, where she purchased the ticket to share the news of her win. To her surprise, her good news had already traveled back to the store. A patron at the restaurant had overheard her story and told the clerk at Bullseye.
Donnell-Moore’s prize will be put to good use. She said she and her husband, Dennis, were already going to get a carport for their tractor. Now they plan to get a full garage.
"Silver 7’s" officially began on Feb. 25.

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