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St. Louis Man Claims Fourth $20,000 Raffle Prize

A retired St. Louis (63138)* man claimed the $20,000 tax-paid** prize from the Missouri Lottery’s fourth "20th Anniversary Dream Draw" raffle drawing, which was held Feb. 24. Wilbert Jones, 62, claimed his prize on Feb. 27. He purchased his winning raffle ticket at Dirt Cheap Cigarettes & Beer, 1401 Dunn Road, in St. Louis. The winning raffle number was 0400006301.
"I took it to the service station to have it checked," Jones said about his raffle ticket. "I kept looking at the expression on the attendant’s face, because I didn’t believe her at first."
Jones, who is retired from Anheuser-Busch, said he went home and told his wife, Joyce, and then went to the St. Louis regional office to claim his winnings.
Jones said he plans to use his winnings to get out of debt. He said he also hopes he can enjoy some of it, too.
The Numbers Game raffle started on Jan. 23 and ended Feb. 23. It was introduced to help the Lottery celebrate its 20th anniversary, which was Jan. 20. During the raffle promotion, players could win $20 instantly at the time of purchase, or they could win a $20,000 tax-paid prize in one of four weekly drawings. All tickets sold were eligible for a final grand-prize drawing for $200,000 taxes paid.
Two $20,000 tax-paid weekly prizes are still unclaimed, as well as the $200,000 tax-paid grand prize. The $20,000 raffle tickets were sold at Everyday Convenience, 910 Fairgrounds Road in Jefferson City, and Unlimited Convenience, 6113 N. 71 Highway in St. Joseph. The $200,000 grand-prize ticket was purchased at Wood’s Supermarket, 8845 5 Highway N. in Camdenton.
For more information or for directions to any Missouri Lottery office, go to the Contact Us page.

*zip code to determine coverage area

** The Missouri Lottery will pay standard withholding taxes for the prizes based on its value. Depending on personal income, winners may owe additional taxes for the prize, or they may be entitled to a refund. The total value of the top prize is $281,690.10. After withholding, winners will receive $200,000. The total value of the $20,000 tax-paid weekly prize is $28,169. After withholding, the winners will receive $20,000.

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