1999-05-20 11:40:57.96


A 37-year-old Nixa woman scratched off a prize worth $2,000 a month for one year in the Missouri Lottery’s "Millennium Money" instant game. Linda Covington purchased her winning ticket worth $24,000 Monday evening, when she and her husband, Larry, stopped at Signal Food Store in Nixa to put gas in her car. Covington, who is a mail processor and acting supervisor for the U.S. Postal Service in Springfield, said she plans to use the money to pay bills and "enjoy life." "Millennium Money" is a new $2 game offered by the Missouri Lottery with a top prize of $2,000 a week for one year - $104,000. More than 63 percent of the game’s sales will be returned to players as prizes. The Missouri Lottery is�the Official Lottery of the New Millennium!

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