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Arkansas Co-Workers Win First $200,000 Powerball Prize

Story Photo A group of 24 co-workers from Arkansas and the Missouri Lottery will long remember Sept. 10. That was the day the first $200,000 prize from the revised Powerball game was won. Co-workers from St. Louis Music (SLM) in Yellville, Ark., claimed the newly redesigned game’s first second-level prize awarded. Terry Mooney of Summit, Ark., a spokesman for the group, said he was going through the tickets the morning of Sept. 12 and checking the numbers. The next-to-the-last ticket that he checked had five numbers that matched the five white-ball numbers drawn on Sept. 10. "I asked one of the guys sitting at the table with me how much matching five numbers paid, and he said $100,000," Mooney said. "We couldn’t believe it." Mooney said they didn’t realize the second-level prize had increased to $200,000 until one of the group members called his wife to have her check the winning numbers on her computer. According to Mooney, the group has been buying Powerball tickets together for the past 10 years. Their winning ticket was purchased at Rapid Robert’s, 295 Laurel St., in Ridgedale. They let the computer select their winning numbers, which were: 8, 10, 11, 48 and 50. Mooney said he and his wife, Janice, who also is a member of the group of Powerball players, plan to use their share of the prize money ? about $8,000 each ? to take a vacation to California to visit family and pay a few bills. He said many of the other group members plan to use their winnings to pay off bills and buy a few "toys" for themselves. In addition to the Mooneys, other group members include: ? Bruno, Ark. ? Joyce Smith ? Everton, Ark. ? Glen Gilley ? Flippin, Ark. ? Mark Humphrey, Russell Presley, Paulette Riggs and Ralph Wood Jr. ? Lakeview, Ark. ? Nathan Faulkenberry ? Peel, Ark. ? Beverly Toliver ? Summit, Ark. ? Jose Rivera ? Yellville, Ark. ? Jason Barger, Thomas Byers, Dianne Cole, Nancy Dobbs, Wol Hensley, Tabitha Hodge, Tammy McCrory, Billy Milligan, James Scanlon, Susan Scougal, Vicki Seftar, William Sweet and Terry Watkins. Powerball’s new game design took effect on Aug. 28. The game changes were made to create larger and faster growing jackpots. The second- and third-level prizes also were increased, with the potential to win up to $1 million using the Power Play option.

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