2005-07-01 15:53:51.0

Kennett Woman Wins $20,000 Tax Paid

Story Photo A Kennett woman is on cloud nine after uncovering a $20,000 tax-paid prize on a Missouri Lottery Scratchers ticket. Kristy Schubert, 32, said she stopped at Huck’s Food and Fuel in Kennett on June 29 to buy a soda. While there, she bought three $2 tickets, all from different games. The first one she uncovered was worth the top prize of $20,000 tax paid. "I was so thrilled, I couldn’t see straight," said Schubert. "I gave the other two tickets to people standing near me. One of them (tickets) was a $12 winner, and the other one was a $9 winner." Schubert, who works at the Visiting Nurses Association in Kennett, said she plans to use her prize winnings to pay off her car and do a little remodeling on her home. "I’m going to take the kids on a vacation to Destin (Fla.)," she said. "$20,000 Tax-Paid" officially went on sale on March 26.

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