2005-06-10 16:24:16.0

Kansas City Woman Uses Special Numbers To Win $100,000

Story Photo A Kansas City homemaker whipped up a $100,000 prize by playing some special numbers in the May 28 Powerball drawing. Maria Scola, 39, said she used a combination of her birthday, the number of years she and her husband, Frank, have been married and numbers from their anniversary to arrive at the lucky combination. Those winning numbers were: 5, 7, 24, 28 and 39. "I’m going to buy a new car," she said. "Maybe we will get a pool, too." Scola purchased her winning ticket at Shell, 8401 N. Oak in Kansas City. The Scolas are the parents of three children. Frank Scola is the owner of Paul’s Liquor and Grocery in Kansas City. To date, 737 tickets worth $100,000 have been sold in Missouri since the Powerball game started in April 1992.

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