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Only Days Remaining On $100,000 Prize Sold in Earth City

If you buy Powerball tickets at Earth City Moto Mart in Earth City, you’d better check your tickets soon. One $100,000 Powerball prize sold there for the Nov. 24, 2004, drawing will expire on May 23. The winning numbers for that drawing were: 3, 19, 47, 49 and 53.
In addition to that ticket, two other $100,000 Powerball prizes will expire in the next couple weeks. Those tickets were sold at:
  • Wilco Fast Break, 807 Marion City Road in Palmyra, for the Dec. 4, 2004, drawing. The ticket expires June 2. The winning numbers are: 6, 9, 16, 22 and 30. ?
  • Schnucks Market, 950 Loughborough in St. Louis, for the Dec. 8, 2004, drawing. This ticket expires June 6. The winning numbers are: 13, 17, 35, 45 and 50.
Missouri Powerball players have 180 days from the drawing to claim a prize. Unclaimed Missouri Lottery prizes go to the Lottery Proceeds Fund for public education programs. For a complete list of programs funded by the Lottery, go to

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