2005-05-11 16:10:08.0

St. Louis Woman Uncovers $300,000 Prize

Story Photo A St. Louis (63123*) woman almost had a cow when she uncovered a $300,000 Missouri Lottery prize on a stop for milk. Charlene Neal, 50, said she was on her way home from work on May 5, when she stopped at Garners Market, 4301 Seibert in St. Louis, for some milk. While there, she bought four $2 Lottery tickets and one $10 ticket. The $10 ticket turned out to be worth a top prize of $300,000. "I started to scratch it (ticket) off in the store, and when I saw $50,000, I took it outside to show my daughter," said Neal. "She scratched the rest. She was like, ’Mom, you won $100,000.’ But then she looked again and said, ’Mom, you won $300,000!’" Neal, who is a customer service representative, said she and her husband, Jerry, plan to use the prize money to pay off their house and remodel the bathroom. ?$300,000 Mega Money,? a $10 game, officially went on sale Aug. 21, 2004. * winner’s zip code to help media determine coverage area

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