2005-05-04 14:32:51.0

Salem Homemaker Wins $1,005 On Lottery Ticket

Story Photo A Salem homemaker got an early Mother’s Day present when her $5 Missouri Lottery ticket turned out to be worth $1,005. Trina Lindsey, 37, said she bought two tickets from the "$100,000 Bingo" game on May 3 at the store where she used to work, Philmart, 500 S. Main in Salem. When she scratched them off at home later, she found out one was worth $25 and the other one was worth $1,005. "I plan to fix the transmission in my van with the money," she said. Lindsey and her husband, James, are the parents of two children. ?$100,000 Bingo,? a $5 game, officially went on sale Jan. 29.

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