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Joplin Woman Wins $20,000 Taxes Paid on Tax Day

If it was up to Kathryn Riscoe of Joplin to buy Lottery tickets, she wouldn’t be $20,000 richer right now. In fact, Riscoe said she got upset when her husband, James, decided to buy a few Scratchers tickets at their son’s request on the family’s way to Kansas City on April 15.
Riscoe said they stopped to buy gas at Fastrip 33, Highway 71 in Rich Hill, and that’s when her husband bought a few Scratchers tickets. She said she was so upset that she left the store and went to wait in the car. When her husband came back to the car, he handed the tickets to her to scratch. One of the tickets was "$20,000 Tax-Paid," a $2 Scratchers ticket.
"I scratched (the ticket) off, and I said ‘I think this one’s worth $20,000,’" Riscoe said. "None of us really believed it, so I called the Lottery and told them what I had and they said it was a winner."
Riscoe said her family is planning a trip to Paris, France, during the summer, and they are taking some friends with them, so the prize money will come in handy
"My husband just put eight tickets to Paris on our credit card, and I was worrying about that," Riscoe said. "Now I don’t have to.
"$20,000 Tax-Paid" officially went on sale on March 26.

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