2005-04-04 13:46:57.0

Chamois Man Uncovers $5,000 Prize

Story Photo A retired Chamois man uncovered a $5,000 top prize on a Missouri Lottery "Wild Cherry" Scratchers game. David "Wayne" Bracken, 62, said he and his wife, Shirley, plan to pay bills with his prize money. "We’ll buy some equipment for my wife’s ice cream shop," he added. Bracken and his wife own Shirley’s Ice Cream in Chamois. Bracken retired from ABB in 1998. Bracken purchased his winning ticket on April 3 when he stopped at Jerry’s Stop ’N’ Go in Chamois "to get a Pepsi." He bought $5 worth of tickets and won four free tickets. The fourth free ticket turned out to be worth $5,000. ?Wild Cherry,? a $1 game, officially went on sale Dec. 25, 2004.

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