2005-03-11 16:20:44.0

Green Castle Man Wins $25,000 Lottery Prize

Story Photo A Green Castle man said he has joined his friends? winning club after he bought four Missouri Lottery Scratchers tickets and won $25,000. Danny Ellsworth, 49, said he stopped by Ayers Oil Co., Highway 5 in Milan, after work on March 10. He bought four Scratchers tickets and started scratching them off on the way home. The last ticket he scratched, ?Pay Day,? was to be the big winner. Ellsworth said that when he got home, he broke the news to his wife, Diane, and their two children. Then he called some friends in Queen City, a group of seven who won $100,000 last year playing Powerball. ?I told them, ?I?m a member of your club,?? Ellsworth said. ?I was so happy for them last year, and now they?re really happy for me.? Ellsworth, a strong supporter of Adair County R-1 High School basketball, said he hopes his luck is a sign of good fortune for the Lady Cats basketball team, which is continuing their quest for the state title this weekend. The Ellsworths plan to use their winnings to make a larger down payment on a new modular home they are in the process of buying, possibly build a garage sooner than expected and buy a few new things for the house. He said his teenage daughter also has identified a few things she wants for her upcoming birthday. ?Pay Day,? a $2 game, officially went on sale Feb. 26.

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