2005-01-12 14:29:04.0

Kirksville Man Wins $3,250 Second Time Playing Pick 4

Story Photo A 36-year-old Kirksville man won $3,250 the second time he ever played Pick 4. Brian Perry said he played after hearing about his aunt’s recent win. "My aunt just won $6,000 (in Pick 4)," he said. "My dad told me at Christmas dinner." Perry, who is in construction management, said he plans to use his windfall for an upcoming trip. "Some friends and I are getting ready to fly out to Vegas in a couple of weeks," he said. Perry purchased his winning ticket for the Dec. 26 drawing at Ayerco, 1704 S. Baltimore in Kirksville. He let the computer Quick Pick his lucky combination. It was 4, 2, 0 and 8. Pick 4 is a daily Numbers Game that offers players a chance to win up to $6,000 by picking four numbers between 0 and 9. Players can also allow the computer to generate four numbers randomly for them.

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