2004-12-27 13:58:56.0

Columbia Man Wins $5,000 In Powerball

Story Photo A Columbia man won $5,000 on Dec. 15 playing the Missouri Lottery’s Powerball game. George Pollreisz, 56, said he usually only buys one $1 Powerball ticket and a $1 Lotto ticket a few times a week. So he was thrilled when the clerk at Midway Little General, 6751 Old Highway 40 in Columbia, where he bought the winning ticket, told him he won $5,000. ?She scanned the ticket and said ?you?re a winner,? Pollreisz said when he claimed his prize on Dec. 23. ?I thought she meant $5 or $10, because that?s what I usually win, but then she said ?no, you won some real money.?? Ward said it was a nice prize to win right before Christmas. He said he and his wife, Carolyn, plan to use their winnings to purchase a second television and do some house repairs.

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