2004-11-30 15:38:44.0

Billing Specialist To Pay Bills With Lottery Windfall

Story Photo Traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday paid off for one Columbia resident, who ended up winning $5,000 on a Missouri Lottery Scratchers ticket. Carol Lee, 59, said she was visiting her sister in Kansas City during the Thanksgiving holiday. On Nov. 27, when her fiancÚ, Tommie, went to QuikTrip, 5108 N.E. Vivion Road in Kansas City, to get gasoline in the car for the trip home, she asked him to buy a "Crossword" Scratchers ticket, too. That ticket, which she played on her sister’s front porch, turned out to be a $5,000 winner. "I’ll pay bills and maybe put some in savings," said Lee, who is a billing specialist for Option Care in Columbia. The Missouri Lottery’s $3 "Crossword" game officially started Nov. 20.

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