2004-11-24 14:17:46.0

Branson Woman Buys One Lottery Ticket, Wins $300,000 Instantly

Story Photo Stopping for a cappuccino and a soda turned out to be profitable for a Branson woman. Dawn Simons, 51, said she went to White Oak Station, 3200 Green Mountain Drive in Branson on Nov. 20 to get a coffee for herself and a soda for her son’s girlfriend. While there, she bought one $10 Scratchers ticket from the "$300,000 Holiday Cash" game. That ticket turned out to be worth the game’s top prize of $300,000. "This will give me a chance to do my artwork," said Simons, who dabbles in Indian art. "I’m part Cherokee and my husband is half Navajo." Simons said she and her husband, Tom, also plan to buy a new garage door and pay off their home loan with the prize money. "I play a $10 every so often," said Simon, who won the prize on her oldest son’s birthday. "$300,000 Holiday Cash," a $10 game, officially went on sale Oct. 30.

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