2004-08-06 16:35:53.0

Nurse From Seymour Wins $30,000 Instantly

Story Photo A 29-year-old nurse plans to pay off her house and take an overseas vacation after she uncovered a $30,000 top prize in the Missouri Lottery’s ?Dream Stakes" Scratchers game. Stacy Mason of Seymour said she plans to go to Lebanon. "I’ll go on vacation in Lebanon to see my fiancÚ," she said. Mason, who is a nurse at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, bought her winning ticket on Aug. 5 at Lazy Lee’s One Stop in Seymour, when she stopped for "pop and pizza" around lunchtime. She bought 15 of the $2 "Dream Stakes" tickets. "My mom and sister always play, so I thought I’d buy some (tickets)," she said. The "Dream Stakes" game officially began on April 24.

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