2004-06-04 14:32:48.0

Columbia Housekeeper Cleans Up On Bingo Game

Story Photo A Columbia housekeeper recently "cleaned up" by winning $1,002 on a Missouri Lottery "Diamond Bingo" ticket. Gladys Sanders, 38, said she stopped in Break Time, 200 N. Providence in Columbia, on June 2 to buy "a couple items." While there, she bought two of the "Diamond Bingo" tickets. One of them turned out to be worth $1,002. "I’ll probably buy some summer clothes for the whole family," she said. Sanders, who is a housekeeper for Stoney Creek Inn in Columbia, said she also planned to pay off her bills with the prize money. "Diamond Bingo," a $2 Scratchers game, officially began Dec. 24, 2003.

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