2004-06-02 10:48:39.91

St. Louis Man Uncovers $100,000 On Scratchers Ticket

A St. Louis (*63111) man recently found a $100,000 top prize on a Missouri Lottery "High Stakes" Scratchers game. Daniel "Dan" Peanick, 45, said he plans to use the prize money to pay off credit cards, buy a new boat and pay some on his home mortgage.
"I woke up my 17-year-old son to see if I was dreaming or not," Peanick said when describing his winning moments.
Peanick, a materials handler, purchased his winning ticket on May 27 at Discount Smoke Shop, 4340 Loughborough in St. Louis, when he stopped in for some cigarettes.
"High Stakes," a $5 Scratchers game, officially went on sale on Feb. 26.

* winner’s zip code to help media determine coverage area

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