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Lottery Captains Share Their Stories

Lottery teams come in all shapes and sizes.  Some teams are as large as 50 people, others are a handful in size.  Some are groups of co-workers or neighbors, others are bowling or baseball teammates who like to pool their luck together after a game.   Whatever the size or make-up, the success behind every team is a good leader--or as we prefer to call them--Lottery Captains. 

To date, more than 75 Lottery Captains and their teams are taking advantage of new tools designed specifically for them at the Missouri Lottery’s Web site, www.molottery.com.  These tools consist of:  printable jackpot alert signs, winning number forms and forms to help keep track of who played for how much on which date.   And, if the group likes to play every week or only after the jackpot reaches a certain amount, Lottery Captains can choose the amount at which they’d like to begin receiving jackpot alert messages via e-mail.  And just for fun, Lottery Captains can share a little information about their team, how much they’ve won, how often they like to play, etc. 

Here’s a little "chatter" the teams have shared with us so far...

"We are a very small office, 14 in all, but only about 10 of us play when the jackpot reaches $100 million.  All we want to do is retire and travel.  We just have a lot of fun dreaming together.  It’s our way of fellowship, so to speak.  We’ve adopted the phrase:  ’It only takes $2 to dream.’"

"We’re all co-workers at the police department. We won $5,000 a few months ago.  If we just win a few dollars, we roll it over to the next drawing.  Not everyone plays.  We wonder who will lead the group or collect the money when we all retire!" 

"We are a group of 19 co-workers in the city of St. Louis.  We haven’t won a whole lot - no big prizes.  But we had a real nice Christmas lunch last year."

"We are a group of 22.  The most we have won is $1,175 with Lotto.  We have been playing for about five years.  We started out with about 10-12 players and now have 22 playing."

"We are a group of co-workers in St. Joseph, Mo.  We have never won a big jackpot, but have lots of fun playing.  We normally take what we win and re-invest it in the next drawing."

"We are just starting our Lottery team and are home health care providers."

"We are two working men, just trying to win!"

"We are all co-workers and dream of hitting a large enough jackpot to retire.  We are all over 40 and eat lunch together most every day."

Thanks to our Lottery Captains for sharing their stories.   We’d love to hear from you, too! 


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