2003-12-19 15:47:56.527

Lottery Sends $15.4 Million To Public Education

The Missouri Lottery today sent $15.4 million to the Lottery Proceeds Fund for public education. Today’s monthly proceeds transfer of $15,433,684 is based on ticket sales in November. This transfer brings the total proceeds for fiscal year 2004 to more than $111 million.

The Missouri Lottery has generated more than $2.1 billion in proceeds for the state, including education, since ticket sales started in January 1986.

Approximately 27.5 cents of every dollar spent playing the Lottery goes to public education programs in Missouri. The Missouri Lottery’s contribution to public education is about 3.5 percent of education’s total annual funding. Each year, the Legislature appropriates Lottery proceeds to various education programs. For a complete list of education programs funded, visit the where the money goes section.

**Several Missouri Lottery Scratchers games will expire in the next couple of months. For a complete list of expiration dates and games, visit Scratchers.

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