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Get Your 2004 "Lucky Dog" Calendars...While Supplies Last!

Perk up those ears if you’re a dog lover; you won’t want to miss this treat!   Now, while supplies last, get your paws on your very own 2004 Missouri Lottery "Lucky Dog" calendar.  This calendar is guaranteed to keep your tail waggin’ throughout the year! These photos capture these "lucky" dogs, whether they’re purebreds or mutts, at their irresistible best.  Featuring the 12 winners from last summer’s "Show Us Your Lucky Dog" Photo Contest, the 12 inch by 12 inch wall calendar is sure to bring you a dog-gone good year.

So don’t lounge around too long…this "Lucky Dog" calendar offer is available on a first-come, first-served basis, as long as supplies last.

The calendars cost $5 each and can be purchased at   Use your existing PayPal® account or sign-up for a free account today.  You can also print an order form at and mail it to the Missouri Lottery, along with your money order for the amount of your purchase. 

Postage and shipping is free for items shipped in the continental United States.

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