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Missouri Lottery daily Numbers Games players won’t have to wait to see if their numbers are winners by using the Lottery’s new "Xtra" feature, which begins on Oct. 12. For an extra 50 cents or $1 per play, players can get a chance to win cash instantly and win that night with their daily game numbers.

"It’s like playing a Scratchers game and a Numbers Game, all in one," said Scott White, on-line product manager for the Missouri Lottery. "Instead of having to wait to see if you won a prize, the player has a chance to win instantly and a chance to win the regular prize when the numbers are drawn."

With the Xtra feature, players will receive three Xtra numbers on Pick 3 tickets, four Xtra numbers on Pick 4 tickets, or five Xtra numbers on SHOW ME 5 Paydown tickets. If any of the Xtra numbers match any of the numbers selected for the daily game, the player wins the prize amount printed next to the matched number. If a "$$" symbol appears on the ticket instead of an Xtra number, the player will automatically win the corresponding cash prize.

"With this game, you can play and win now, and play and win later," said White. For more details on the new "Xtra" feature, see the Missouri Lottery’s Web site at or pick up a brochure at a Lottery retail location.

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