2003-10-07 16:38:39.0


Story Photo Substitution paid off for a Crocker man who uncovered a $10,000 prize on a Missouri Lottery "$100,000 Vegas Money" Scratchers ticket. Leslie "Les" Riley, 43, said every Friday, he buys two or three bingo-themed Scratchers for his girlfriend, Norma Pierce. On Friday, Oct. 3, Riley stopped in two retail locations and both were out of bingo-themed games. When his third stop also didn’t have a bingo game, he bought one $5 Scratchers ticket from the "$100,000 Vegas Money" game; it turned out to be worth $10,000. "I’m glad they were out of bingo tickets," he said. Riley purchased the winning ticket at Andy’s Short Stop in Crocker. Riley, a construction worker, and Pierce, 44, a bartender and auction clerk, say they will use the prize money to pay off debt, get vehicles licensed and inspected, and take a small vacation to St. Louis. "$100,000 Vegas Money," a $5 Scratchers game, officially went on sale Aug. 23.

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