2003-08-21 11:23:34.0


Story Photo A Columbia woman won $3,000 at the Mid- Mo Mavericks’ game in Columbia on Aug. 18 by catching a promotional Missouri Lottery ball worth $25 Scratchers tickets, one of which was a $3,000 winner.   Bev Peterson, 49, who is a self-employed real estate agent, said she just happened to catch one of the promotional balls that were thrown into the air.

"It (number on the ball) was even my favorite number, 43," she said.

Peterson scratched the latex off the 25 "Lucky Bucks" tickets to discover that she won a $3,000 prize, a $6 prize and four free tickets.   She said she plans to use the prize money to buy new eyeglasses and the rest to pay off bills.

"It will disappear into the abyss," she mused.

Peterson said she had never even played the Lottery prior to winning the tickets in the Lottery’s promotion.

“Lucky Bucks,” a $1 Scratchers game, officially went on sale June 7, 2003.

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