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Collector Parts with Unique $20 Bill for Ticket Worth $500,000

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It was a brief moment of bitterness when Jason Arcuri of Independence parted with a collectable $20 bill to purchase his “100 Times Lucky” Missouri Lottery Scratchers ticket. Arcuri would later admit that the $500,000 top prize he won on the ticket outweighed the novelty of the unique currency.

“I collect money: any old money that’s out of circulation, or anything that has a star on the serial number, stuff like that,” explained Arcuri.

On a typical morning while on his way to work, the Independence resident visits QuikTrip, 6400 E. 87th St. in Kansas City (64138), to get breakfast. Every so often, he purchases a Lottery ticket, as well. One morning, Arcuri cashed a ticket with a $100 prize.

“One of the $20 bills I got had a star on it.  I normally collect that because, to me, it’s worth more in the long-run,” said Arcuri.

The morning of May 18 was business as usual for Arcuri, including a stop at QuikTrip.

“I went in to get my regular breakfast, and I saw that (‘100 Times Lucky’ Scratchers) ticket sitting up higher than the rest of them, and I thought I would try that one,” recalled Arcuri.

“I pull my money out, and as I was setting it on the counter, I noticed it was the one with the star, which threw me off. I already had the money out, and I didn’t want to make a big deal about it. So I paid for everything, left and went to work.”

Arcuri played the “100 Times Lucky” ticket right before going into work.

“I was sitting in the parking lot, scratched it and ended up being lucky. I had to count it a couple times and make sure I was right. There were a lot of zeros,” said Arcuri. “I sent a text out to my brother, wife and father saying that I had won. Before I could take a picture to send, my wife was already calling me.”

While claiming his $500,000 prize at the Lottery’s Kansas City regional office the same morning, Arcuri said he was eager to pay off his family’s vehicles and their house.

Arcuri is the first Missouri Lottery player to claim a $500,000 top prize on the “100 Times Lucky” Scratchers game since the ticket was introduced on Jan. 30. The $20 ticket has more than $31 million in remaining prizes, including multiple top prizes.



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