2003-04-08 16:53:41.0


A 39-year-old Poplar Bluff woman is $300,000 richer after playing the Missouri Lottery’s “$300,000 Payout” Scratchers game.   On March 31, Regina Bishop stopped at Rick’s 66, 700 Highway 53 in Poplar Bluff, to buy two $10 Scratchers tickets.  She scratched the tickets in her car, only to discover that the first one was worth the game’s top prize of $300,000.

“I probably won’t believe it until I get the check,” Bishop said. 

Bishop said she and her husband, Dale, plan to use some of the prize money to buy a house, since they now rent.   She said she also plans to use some of the money to buy a house for her 18-year-old daughter.

Bishop is currently attending school to become a certified medical technician.

"$300,000 Payout," a $10 Scratchers game, officially went on sale March 29.

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