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video icon More than $1 million in cash prizes has been awarded to Missouri Lottery “Fun & Fortune” wheel spin contestants during the first 10 spin events.  During the 10th spin, which was held April 4 at 2 p.m. in Jefferson City, a total of $27,500 in cash was awarded to four contestants. 

Christine McGuire, 36, of Steelville said she is thinking about buying a silver Ford Mustang after she landed on a $10,000 spot.  McGuire, who is a homemaker and mother of four, said she might also buy a dirt bike for her 10-year-old son.  She purchased her qualifying entry ticket at L & J Package in Steelville. 

Lynton Dittmar, 63, of St. Louis (63126) plans to use about half of his $10,000 winnings to pay bills.  Dittmar, a retired painter, purchased his qualifying entry ticket at Schnucks Market, 9540 Watson Road in St. Louis.  In addition to today’s win, Dittmar also won nearly $10,000 in 1997 when he was a contestant on the former “Fun & Fortune” game show.

Two other contestants won thousands during today’s wheel spin.  Curt Kassinger, 41, of Perryville won $5,000, and Marsha Stewart, 49, of Kirksville won $2,500.

Kassinger, an autoworker, said he plans to use his winnings to remodel the house he and his wife, Leigh, recently purchased.  He only sent one entry, which he purchased at 7-Eleven in Barnhart.  Kassinger, like Dittmar, also won nearly $10,000 in the Lottery’s “Fun & Fortune” game show a few years ago.

Stewart, an in-home aide and mother of six, also mailed in only one entry.  She bought her qualifying ticket at Express Depot 2 in Brookfield.  She said she plans to use her prize money to pay bills and go to Texas to visit her mother.

In addition to the prize money won through the actual Wheel Spin event, the contestants also each received a check for $500 for being selected as a finalist.   To date, $180,000 in prize money to finalists has been awarded.

The "Fun & Fortune Wheel Spin" replaced the televised "Fun & Fortune" game show.  For a chance to win $500 and a chance to spin the wheel, players need to buy a $2 "Fun & Fortune" wheel spin Scratchers ticket.  If the ticket is a winner and the prize is "ENTRY," the ticket should be mailed to Lottery headquarters in Jefferson City to be placed in a weekly drawing.  Each week, 10 of these "ENTRY" tickets are drawn, and those winners receive $500.  In addition, one of these 10 preliminary winners will be drawn for a chance to spin the wheel and win up to $250,000.  The smallest amount a player can win in the Wheel Spin is $2,500.

The "Fun & Fortune Wheel Spin" is open to the public.  It is also streamed on the Lottery’s Web site for players to watch from anywhere in the world.

For more information and photos from today’s "Fun & Fortune Wheel Spin" and Scratchers game, visit the Missouri Lottery’s Web site at

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