2006 News Releases

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(12/28/06) Urbana Woman Wins $5,400 Playing Pick 3
(12/27/06) Arkansas Woman Wins $25,000 Top Prize in Gainesville
(12/27/06) Springfield Woman Wins $50,000 In Lottery's Holiday Promotion
(12/27/06) Ashland Woman Uncovers $10,000 Prize on Christmas Eve
(12/26/06) Missouri Lotto Ticket Worth $3.7 Million Sold in Jackson
(12/26/06) Lottery Contest Looking For Artists
(12/20/06) Oak Grove Man Captures Seat At World Poker TourŽ Tournament
(12/18/06) Father, Son to Share $20,000 Prize
(12/18/06) Sedalia Woman Wins $5,000 Deal
(12/18/06) St. Joseph Woman Wins $25,000
(12/15/06) Rolla Man Wins $10,000 Instantly
(12/15/06) Lottery Sends $22.7 Million To Education
(12/15/06) High Ridge Fireman Wins $200,000 Powerball Prize
(12/14/06) Missouri Lottery Awards More Than $4.3 Million In Prizes
(12/13/06) St. Charles Mother, Daughter Win $200,000 Powerball Prize
(12/12/06) Sikeston Woman Finds $25,000 On Scratchers Ticket
(12/12/06) 18-Year-Old Jefferson City Man Wins Lifetime Riches
(12/11/06) Branson Couple Win $200,000 Powerball Prize
(12/7/06) Linn Realtor Wins $10,000 Playing Powerball
(12/6/06) Huntsville Trucker Hauls In $12,501 Keno Prize
(12/6/06) Owensville Family To Get New Washer, Dryer After Winning $10,000
(12/6/06) Osage Beach Man Hits Lucky Streak, Wins $10,000 Instantly
(12/5/06) Leslie Woman Uncovers $5,000 Prize, Gives Prize to Sons
(12/4/06) Kleindienst Joins Missouri Lottery
(12/4/06) St. Louis Woman Wins $50,000 In Lottery's Holiday Promotion
(12/4/06) Springfield Woman Wins $50,000 Tax Paid
(12/4/06) Rogersville Man Wins $50,000 Tax Paid


(11/29/06) Cape Girardeau Group is Named Lottery Team of the Month
(11/29/06) Lebanon Homemaker Wins $50,000 Playing Crossword
(11/29/06) 'Deal or No Deal' Reveals Prizes, Trip to Taping
(11/28/06) Marshall Woman Finds $6,000 Prize On Scratchers Ticket
(11/28/06) Jackson Grandmother Uncovers Top Lottery Prize
(11/28/06) Linn Man Wins $10,000 At Jefferson City Convenience Store
(11/28/06) Bois D'Arc Woman Wins $10,000 Scratchers Prize On Thanksgiving
(11/27/06) Clinton Man Wins $20,000 Instantly
(11/22/06) Kansas City Man is Newest Lottery Millionaire
(11/21/06) Salisbury Retiree Uncovers $30,000 Top Prize
(11/21/06) St. Joseph Woman Picks Up $30,000 While Buying Groceries
(11/20/06) Warrensburg Couple Win $200,000 Playing Powerball
(11/20/06) Edwards Man Wins $3,504 Club Keno Prize
(11/17/06) Lottery's Monthly Transfer to Education Tops $19.3 Million
(11/17/06) Walker Woman Continues Family's Lucky Streak by Winning $10,000
(11/16/06) Missouri Lottery Awards More Than $8.5 Million In Prizes
(11/14/06) Nevada Man Finds $25,000 Prize Instantly
(11/13/06) Dixon Man Wins $10,000 Prize
(11/9/06) West Plains Police Officer Wins $25,000 Instantly
(11/9/06) Dixon Man Uncovers $5,000 Prize
(11/9/06) Arkansas Man Uncovers $77,000 Prize
(11/8/06) Ritter Joins Missouri Lottery
(11/7/06) Kansas City Taxi Driver Picks Up $20,000
(11/7/06) Bolivar Woman Wins $25,002 Instantly
(11/6/06) West Plains Dad Wins $25,000 Holiday Cash
(11/3/06) My Lottery Members Win Prize Packages
(11/1/06) St. Louis Group Named November Lottery Team of the Month


(10/31/06) Monroe City Man to Share $77,000 Prize with Father
(10/31/06) Jefferson City Man Claims $10,000 Powerball Prize on Halloween
(10/27/06) Brookline Station Woman Wins $10,000 Prize
(10/26/06) Columbia Woman Wins $10,000 Scratchers Prize
(10/25/06) Retired Florida Man Wins $20,000 With Ticket Purchased in Branson
(10/20/06) Vanzant Man Piles Up $10,000 For Savings Account
(10/20/06) Albany Cashier Claims Ninth Harley-DavidsonŽ Motorcycle
(10/20/06) $21.6 Million Transferred To Public Education
(10/20/06) Promotion To Make Holiday Wishes Come True
(10/19/06) Kansas City, Kan., Man Wins $50,000 Tax Paid
(10/19/06) Tipton Woman Wins $5,000 Lottery Prize
(10/19/06) Nebraska Woman Wins $50,000 Tax Paid in Unionville
(10/18/06) Columbia Railroad Employee Wins $7,000
(10/18/06) Heidbrink Joins Missouri Lottery
(10/17/06) Missouri Lottery Awards More Than $4.2 Million In Prizes
(10/13/06) Arnold Man Gets $100,000 'Wedding Present'
(10/12/06) Dixon Man Wins $10,000 Playing Powerball
(10/11/06) Lee's Summit Woman Holds Lotto Ticket Worth $3.8 Million
(10/11/06) Lebanon Man Finds Fourth Top Prize in Lifetime Riches
(10/11/06) Lake Tapawingo Man Wins Seat At World Poker TourŽ Tournament
(10/11/06) Retired Teacher In Laurie Gets $5,000 Appetizer At Vinny's
(10/5/06) Forsyth Man Wins Grand-Prize Truck in Summer Harley Promotion; Union Man Named Unofficial Motorcycle Winner
(10/4/06) Vandalia Woman Wins Two Pick 4 Prizes
(10/4/06) Ellisville Woman Receives First Bundle of Joy
(10/3/06) Springfield Man Wins $10,000 Two Days Before 30th Birthday
(10/2/06) Midday Pick 3 Players Can Get A Second Chance To Shine
(10/2/06) Mountain View Man Wins Thousands On Oct. 1 Two Years In A Row
(10/2/06) Lake St. Louis Group Named October Lottery Team of the Month


(9/26/06) American Greetings Employees Share $10,000 Powerball Prize
(9/26/06) Shrewsbury Couple Finds Fifth Ticket Worth $1 Million
(9/22/06) Trucker Picks Up $200,000 On Powerball Ticket Bought In West Plains
(9/21/06) Summersville Homemaker Wins $25,000 Top Prize Instantly
(9/21/06) Winfield Dart Enthusiast Hits $12,502 Playing Keno
(9/20/06) Missouri Lottery Awards More Than $4.6 Million In Prizes
(9/20/06) Washington Artist Uncovers $100,000
(9/20/06) Wine Maker In Good Spirits After Winning $10,000 In Powerball
(9/19/06) Arkansas Caterer Claims Eighth Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
(9/18/06) Kirbyville Woman Wins $12,500 Playing Club Keno
(9/15/06) St. Robert Woman Uncovers $25,000 Prize Instantly
(9/15/06) Ellsinore Man Uncovers $10,000 Prize
(9/15/06) Summersville Man Gets $20,000 Birthday Present
(9/15/06) Lottery Sends $22 Million To Public Education
(9/15/06) Akers Joins Lottery
(9/15/06) Fossett Joins Lottery
(9/12/06) Potosi Carpenter Builds Up $12,500 Winnings
(9/12/06) Macon Man Wins $10,000 Instantly
(9/7/06) St. Louis University Employee Wins $100,000 Top Prize Instantly
(9/7/06) St. Louis Housekeeper Cleans Up $50,000 Top Prize
(9/1/06) Clinton Man Uncovers $25,000 Prize Instantly
(9/1/06) Osage Beach Police Officer To Buy Hay With Keno Prize Money
(9/1/06) California Truck Driver Wins $1,000 in State Fair Web Promo


(8/31/06) Independence Group Named September Lottery Team of the Month
(8/31/06) Next Calendar Contest To Feature Gardens
(8/28/06) Arkansas Man Wins $10,000 With Ticket Bought In Republic
(8/28/06) Moberly Teen Puts Winnings Toward Newer Car
(8/28/06) Kansas City Dispatcher Finds $20,000 Under Her Visor
(8/28/06) Branson West Man Wins $10,000 Playing Powerball
(8/25/06) Columbia Woman Wins Pick 4 Prize
(8/25/06) "Crossword" Spells Prize for Nixa Woman
(8/24/06) Walker Man Wins Third Top Prize in Lifetime Riches
(8/24/06) Charlack Woman Claims Fourth Ticket Worth $1 Million
(8/24/06) Three Players Win Large Lottery Prizes At State Fair
(8/23/06) Cross Timbers Woman Uncovers $50,000 Top Prize
(8/19/06) Missouri Lottery Awards More Than $8.1 Million In Prizes
(8/18/06) Carthage Man Wins $20,000 Lottery Prize
(8/18/06) $19.3 Million From Lottery Sales Transferred To Education
(8/18/06) Only A Couple of Days Left To Claim Two Big Lottery Prizes
(8/17/06) Jefferson City Man Wins Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
(8/16/06) High Ridge Man Receives $100,000 in Birthday Card
(8/15/06) Sugar Creek Printer Wins $200,000 Playing Powerball
(8/15/06) St. Charles Man Claims Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
(8/15/06) Hollister Daughter To Share $2,100 Top Prize With Mother
(8/15/06) Problem Gambling, Addiction Are Focus Of Midwest Summit
(8/10/06) Desloge Saleman Wins $25,000 Playing Keno
(8/9/06) St. Louis Truck Driver Wins Harley-Davidson In Second Summer Drawing
(8/8/06) Lottery Announces Winners of Calendar Contest
(8/4/06) Republic Businessman Wins $10,000 Prize on Birthday
(8/3/06) Multi-State Summit Highlights Responsible Gaming Month
(8/3/06) Springfield Woman Uncovers Top Prize
(8/3/06) Ste. Genevieve Couple Wins Family's Second Lotto Jackpot
(8/3/06) Katzing Named District Sales Manager
(8/2/06) Arkansas Man Wins $100,000 On Ticket Bought In Joplin
(8/1/06) Van Buren Woman Wins Top Lottery Prize
(8/1/06) St. Peters Woman Cooks Up Top Prize
(8/1/06) "The Socialites" Are the August Lottery Team of the Month


(7/31/06) Missouri Lottery Awards More Than $3.9 Million In Prizes
(7/31/06) Huntsville Man Wins $10,000 Powerball Prize
(7/31/06) New Game Offers Chance To Win Seat At World Poker Tour Tournament
(7/27/06) Missouri Lotto Ticket Worth $5.5 Million Sold in Ste. Genevieve
(7/27/06) Less Than a Month Left To Claim Two Large Prizes
(7/24/06) Lee's Summit Union Electrician Claims Fifth Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
(7/21/06) Willow Springs Couple Sharing $30,002 Bingo Prize
(7/21/06) Lottery Sends $19.5 Million To Education
(7/20/06) Festus Auto Worker Claims Fourth Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle
(7/18/06) Arnold Woman Uncovers Top Lottery Prize
(7/18/06) Marshall Woman Wins $20,000
(7/11/06) Bakersfield Man Uncovers Bingo Prize
(7/11/06) Fifty is Nifty for a Lebanon Woman
(7/11/06) Retired Truck Driver Hauls in a $40,000 Prize
(7/7/06) Neosho Woman Wins Harley-Davidson In First Drawing
(7/7/06) Auxvasse Delivery Man Claims $10,000 Prize
(7/6/06) Good Luck Comes to Employee at Branson's Hard Luck Diner
(7/3/06) Winfield Man Claims Harley-Davidson
(7/3/06) Columbia Man Wins $3,125 Playing Pick 4


(6/30/06) Camdenton Area Group is Named Lottery Team of the Month
(6/28/06) Lottery Millionaires Celebrate 20 Years Of Contributions
(6/23/06) St. Louis Man Wins $50,000 Keno Prize At The Rec Room
(6/22/06) Stockton Man Wins $20,000 Playing Cash Spectacular Ticket
(6/20/06) Moberly Woman Wins $3,125 in Pick 4
(6/20/06) Columbia Homemaker Uncovers $10,000 On Cash Spectacular Ticket
(6/16/06) Louisiana Woman Wins $20,000 While Visiting St. Louis Area
(6/15/06) Missouri Lottery Awards More Than $6.5 Million In Prizes
(6/15/06) Lottery Fiscal Year Proceeds Set All-Time Record at $260.3 Million
(6/13/06) Sedalia Woman Wins $3,000 Club Keno Prize at Coach's
(6/12/06) Brookfield Man Finds $6,000 Top Prize in Scratchers Game
(6/8/06) Jefferson City Woman Wins $25,000 Top Prize at Schulte's
(6/7/06) Albany Woman Wins $100,000 in New Harley-DavidsonŽ Game
(6/7/06) Kansas City Man Wins $20,000
(6/7/06) Jefferson City Man Wins $5,005 Playing Keno
(6/7/06) Arnold Dad Uncovers $25,000 Instant Prize
(6/5/06) Columbia Woman Wins $3,650 in Two Days
(6/5/06) Mountain Grove Homemaker Claims Second Harley-DavidsonŽ Motorcycle
(6/5/06) Florissant Family Finds $30,000 Money Bag
(6/2/06) Wentzville Bookkeeper Claims First Harley-DavidsonŽ Motorcycle
(6/1/06) Poplar Bluff Area Group is Named Lottery Team of the Month


(5/31/06) Fenton Woman Claims $100,000 Top Prize in Harley-Davidson Game
(5/30/06) $50,000 Tax-Paid Prize Sold In Belton Still Not Claimed
(5/30/06) $200,000 Powerball Prize Sold in Moody Still Unclaimed
(5/26/06) Springfield Construction Worker Wins $10,000
(5/22/06) Forsyth Man Wins $25,037 Keno Prize
(5/22/06) Retired Deputy Sheriff Wins $20,600 In Lottery Prizes
(5/22/06) Lottery Players Can Win Harley-Davidson Truck, Bikes and Merchandise in Summer Game, Promotion
(5/19/06) Lottery Transfers $22.1 Million To Education
(5/19/06) Kansas City Man Wins Club Keno Prize
(5/18/06) Bonne Terre Woman Cooks Up $300,000 Top Prize
(5/18/06) Kansas City Man Uncovers $27,777 Top Prize
(5/17/06) Missouri Lottery Awards More Than $230.4 Million In Prizes
(5/17/06) Monroe City Woman Uncovers Top Prize
(5/16/06) Kearney Man Discovers He Holds a $200,000 Powerball Ticket
(5/15/06) 19 Railroad Workers in De Soto Sharing $200,000 Powerball Prize
(5/15/06) St. Louis Dispatcher Claims Second Top Prize in Lifetime Riches
(5/11/06) Hannibal Store Owner Wins $3,400 in Lottery Prizes
(5/10/06) St. Charles Father, Sons Claim $1 Million Powerball Prize
(5/9/06) Springfield Woman Uncovers $30,000 Prize
(5/9/06) Hamilton Man Wins $25,000 Keno Prize
(5/4/06) O'Fallon Man Wins $50,000 Tax-Paid After Kiss For Luck
(5/4/06) Jansen Appointed Subcommittee Chair
(5/4/06) Warsaw Man Wins $3,501 Playing Club Keno
(5/3/06) Columbia Grandma Uncovers $2,000 Prize On Scratchers Ticket
(5/2/06) Rolla Woman Wins $77,000 Top Prize
(5/2/06) Milan Woman Uncovers $10,000 Prize
(5/2/06) Fair Grove Man Wins $10,000 Instantly
(5/1/06) Powerball Ticket Worth $1 Million Sold In St. Charles
(5/1/06) Marceline Police Chief Wins $10,000 Powerball Prize
(5/1/06) Kansas City Area Group is Named Lottery Team of the Month
(5/1/06) Troy Man Wins $20,000 Prize At Schnucks in St. Charles


(4/28/06) Mexico Man Uncovers $20,000
(4/28/06) $600,000 Powerball Ticket Sold In St. Louis Still Unclaimed
(4/28/06) Lee's Summit Clerk Wins $200,000 Powerball Prize
(4/28/06) Winfield Teen Wins $200,000 With Lottery Ticket Bought On 18th Birthday
(4/26/06) Springfield Man Uncovers $50,000 Prize In Thayer
(4/26/06) Houston Couple Claims First Top Prize in Lifetime Riches
(4/24/06) Tipton Man Uncovers $5,000 Crossword Prize
(4/24/06) Two Arkansas Welders Share $25,002 Keno Prize Won in Sedalia
(4/24/06) Moberly Woman Uncovers $10,000 Prize
(4/21/06) Lottery Sends $24.6 Million To Public Education
(4/20/06) Missouri Lotto Ticket Worth $2.6 Million Sold in Jefferson City
(4/20/06) Two Co-Workers At Jefferson City Newspaper Claim $2.6 Million Lotto Jackpot
(4/19/06) Washington Couple Uncovers $50,000 Crossword Prize
(4/19/06) Garden City Electrician Wins $100,000 Top Prize
(4/17/06) Missouri Lottery Awards More Than $6.9 Million In Prizes
(4/17/06) Warsaw Clerk Wins $50,000 Tax-Paid
(4/14/06) New Mega Game Offers Highest Top Prize Ever: $50,000 A Year For Life
(4/14/06) Kansas City Retirees Win $200,000 Powerball Prize
(4/13/06) Group of 13 State Employees To Share Missouri's Largest Lottery Jackpot
(4/13/06) Missouri Powerball Player Wins $224.2 Million; Largest Jackpot in Missouri
(4/12/06) Belle Man Uncovers $1,000 Instant Prize
(4/12/06) Verona Health Care Worker Wins $25,000 Prize Instantly
(4/10/06) Trimble Trucker Hauls in $200,000 Playing Powerball
(4/7/06) Russellville Exterminator Unearths $10,000 In Powerball
(4/5/06) $30,000 Powerball Ticket Sold in Jefferson City
(4/3/06) Columbia Student Finds $5,000 on April Fool's Day


(3/29/06) Neosho Woman Finds $50,000 Crossword Prize
(3/29/06) Sikeston Woman Uncovers $75,000 Tax Paid On Lottery Ticket
(3/27/06) Retired Mail Carrier Gets Special Delivery
(3/23/06) Fair Grove Man To Pay Off Truck With $20,000 Prize
(3/21/06) Steelville Truck Driver Makes A Big Haul Playing Powerball
(3/20/06) March Lottery Proceeds Set New Record; Jansen Credits Staff, Retailers
(3/17/06) St. Joseph Woman Retiree Claims $20,000 Raffle Prize
(3/17/06) St. Louis Woman Wins $100,000 Using Power Play During Promotion
(3/17/06) Cole Camp Business Man Uncovers $10,000 On Lottery Ticket
(3/17/06) St. Louis Woman Buys One Ticket, Wins $77,000 Top Prize
(3/15/06) Defiance Couple Claim Third Ticket Worth $1 Million
(3/13/06) Camdenton Man Claims $200,000 Tax-Paid Raffle Prize; Columbia Man Claims $20,000 Tax-Paid
(3/10/06) Missouri Lottery Awards More Than $12.8 Million In Prizes
(3/10/06) Guess Joins Missouri Lottery
(3/9/06) Lake Area Retiree Wins $3,500 At Friend's Birthday Party in Kansas City
(3/8/06) St. James Woman Finds $10,100 On Scratchers Tickets
(3/8/06) Bradley Joins Missouri Lottery
(3/7/06) Florissant Couple Finds $100,000 Top Prize
(3/7/06) Florissant Woman Wins $50,000 Powerball Prize
(3/6/06) Problem Gambling Week Heightens Awareness
(3/3/06) Co-Workers Sharing $100,000 Stack of Cash
(3/3/06) Tennessee Man Wins $77,000 Top Prize in Hometown
(3/3/06) Columbia Man Claims $1.6 Million Lotto Jackpot
(3/2/06) Missouri Lotto Ticket Worth $1.6 Million Sold in Columbia
(3/1/06) Kirksville Group is Named Lottery Team of the Month
(3/1/06) Powerball Powers Up With Power Play 10X Promotion
(3/1/06) Three Big Raffle Prizes, Including $200,000 Prize, Are Still Unclaimed
(3/1/06) Good News Travels Fast for Washington Woman


(2/28/06) St. Louis County Couple Claim Lotto Jackpot Worth $8.1 Million
(2/28/06) Independence Man Wins $10,000 Powerball Prize in Record Drawing
(2/28/06) O'Fallon Woman Wins $50,000 Powerball Prize
(2/28/06) Nevada Businessman Wins $77,000 Top Prize
(2/28/06) St. Louis Man Claims Fourth $20,000 Raffle Prize
(2/27/06) New Retailer Search at Molottery.com
(2/27/06) Maryland Heights Woman Wins $10,000 at Women's Show
(2/24/06) Fourth and Grand-Prize Raffle Numbers Drawn; $200,000 Tax-Paid Ticket Sold in Camdenton
(2/24/06) Nine Co-Workers In Platte City Win $200,000 Powerball Prize on First Group Play
(2/23/06) Carrollton Man Wins $667,142 In Record Powerball Drawing
(2/23/06) Lake St. Louis Pre-School Teacher Claims $667,142 Powerball Prize
(2/21/06) Corrections Employees From Bland Claim $200,000 Powerball Prize
(2/19/06) Two Missouri Players Each Win $667,142 In Record Powerball Drawing
(2/17/06) Third Raffle Number Drawn; Ticket Sold In St. Joseph
(2/17/06) Imperial Man Wins $200,000 Playing Powerball
(2/17/06) Lottery Sends $21.1 Million To Public Education
(2/17/06) Missouri Lottery Awards More Than $6.1 Million in Prizes
(2/17/06) Rolla Man Helps Children with Instant Win
(2/15/06) $20,000 Raffle Ticket Sold In Jefferson City Still Unclaimed
(2/15/06) Wentzville Woman Win $75,000 Tax-Paid
(2/15/06) St. Peters Nurse Wins Trip To Vegas
(2/14/06) Missouri Lotto Ticket Worth $8.1 Million Still Unclaimed
(2/10/06) Chaffee Man Wins $50,000 Tax-Paid Prize By Using Wife's Numbers
(2/10/06) Second Raffle Number Drawn; Ticket Sold In Jefferson City
(2/10/06) Powerball Players Reminded To Play Responsibly
(2/8/06) St. Louis Retiree Wins $200,000 In Powerball
(2/6/06) First $20,000 Raffle Winner Claims Prize
(2/6/06) Palmyra Woman Wins $10,000
(2/6/06) Missouri Lotto Ticket Worth $8.1 Million Sold in Bridgeton
(2/3/06) Retired Eldridge Housekeeper Cleans Up With $25,000 Lottery Prize
(2/3/06) First 20th Anniversary Raffle Number Drawn; Four Huge Prizes Remain


(1/30/06) Four Co-Workers Share $200,000 Powerball Prize
(1/30/06) Mealy Joins Missouri Lottery
(1/30/06) Rolla Woman Wins $20,000 Playing Cash Spectacular
(1/27/06) Kansas City Man Wins $200,000 Playing Powerball
(1/27/06) O'Fallon Retiree Wins $50,000 Tax-Paid Fortune With Fortune Numbers
(1/27/06) Lebanon Woman Uncovers $77,782 Prize
(1/26/06) Arkansas Student Wins $10,000 On Ticket Bought in Cardwell
(1/26/06) "$100 Million Cash Spectacular" Makes Second Millionaire
(1/24/06) Harrisonville Retiree Wins $200,000 Powerball Prize
(1/24/06) Columbia Teacher Wins $50,000 Prize
(1/24/06) La Belle Woman Wins $5,000 Playing Crossword
(1/23/06) Lottery Transfers $22.2 Million To Education Fund
(1/20/06) Missouri Lottery To Celebrate 20th Anniversary With Raffle Promotion
(1/18/06) St. Joseph Woman Wins Second Large Prize With Lucky Numbers
(1/18/06) St. Louis Man Wins $200,000 Playing Powerball
(1/18/06) Misunderstanding Pays Off for a St. Louis College Student
(1/18/06) Campbell Student Named Unofficial Grand-Prize Winner in Final Drawing
(1/17/06) Missouri Lottery Awards More Than $38.2 Million In Prizes
(1/13/06) Henley Man Plans to Buy Sirens After Winning $2,500
(1/13/06) Lebanon Grandma Wins $10,000 Instantly
(1/10/06) Springfield Man Plans to Share $10,000 With His Kids
(1/10/06) Festus Retiree Wins $200,000 Powerball Prize
(1/6/06) Time Running Out On $100,000 Powerball Prize Sold in Ballwin
(1/5/06) Jefferson City Man Wins $77,782 On New Year's Day
(1/3/06) Mountain Grove Woman Wins Vegas Trip
(1/1/06) "Buck$ & Dough$" Recognized as Lottery Team of the Month
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