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Welcome to Luckytown

The luckiest place on earth!

Est. 1986   |   Population:  All Winners   |    Elev. Sky High

Welcome to Luckytown, Missouri!

It's easy to get to Luckytown, the luckiest town on earth. All you need is a ticket! There's a place in Missouri where the only thing that's blue is the sky. Where good fortune touches everyone. Where,if it weren't for good luck, there'd be no luck at all. That place is... Luckytown.

News In Brief

Waitress Has Rare Hobby

Martha Luker, one of the waitresses at Luckytown's Pennyroyal Cafe, has gathered a world-class collection of rare coins. "For years," Martha explained, "I threw all my tip change into a jar and sorted it out every few months. Then I started noticing these strange coins turning up." She went to the library and got a book on rare coins.

"I've got coins from the early Greeks and Romans, Chinese coins from the Han Dynasty and a complete set of buffalo nickels." Of course, Martha is not surprised at getting rare coins for tips.

Another Record Budget Year For Public Works Department

Luckytown's Public Works Department faces yet another year with a record budget surplus. "Every year, we budget for plowing snow, repairing streets, fixing bridges and all that," explained City Engineer Don "Slide Rule" Paver.

"But this is Luckytown," he continued. "The streets never deteriorate and the bridges never fail. We've got a mountain of salt big enough to handle any blizzard -- and we've never used it!"

Still, Paver doesn't think the city should cut Public Works' budget. "Not at all. You need to be ready for anything that happens. This just reminds people how great it is to be in Luckytown."

Luckytown Weather

This Month: Sunny, 72 degrees
Next Month: Sunny, 72 degrees

The Month After That: You get the picture.

Luckytown Sports


Luckytown Polar Rangers: 45
Dirgeville Sliders: 2


Luckytown Sluggers: 107
Swamp City Baggers: 0
Jeff "Rag Arm" Fields went all nine innings for his 1,253rd no-hitter in a row!


In regular league play at the Lucky Strike Lanes, Archie "Brooklyn" Turner rolled three perfect games in a row. Of course, he never bowls anything less than a perfect 300 game!

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