Fun Facts

Did you know the Missouri Lottery has awarded more than $2.7 billion in jackpot prizes (around $10 billion in prizes overall!), and more than half of the winners continue to work? Impress your friends with more Lottery trivia.

  • The three highest multi-state Lottery jackpots awarded nationwide were: $656 million (three tickets) in Mega Millions on March 30, 2012; $590.5 million in Powerball on May 18, 2013; and $587.5 million (two tickets) in Powerball on Nov. 28, 2012.
  • Currently, 385 tickets worth $1 million or more have been sold since the Missouri Lottery began in 1986, with more than $2.7 billion in jackpot prizes.
  • The largest Powerball prize awarded in the state of Missouri was $298.7 million, won by a Dearborn couple on Nov. 28, 2012.
  • Forty-four co-workers at the Independence Power & Light Department shared a $5.4 Million Powerball jackpot on May 23, 1998.
  • The largest Lotto jackpot was a $19 million jackpot ($9.5 million cash) won by Phillip and Margaret McClurg of St. Louis on June 10, 2000.
  • An average of 983 players win per draw playing Pick 3.
  • An average of 162 players win per draw playing Pick 4.
  • Nearly all Missouri Lottery winners continue to play the Lottery.
The Typical Missouri Lottery Player:
  • Is between the ages of 25 and 54;
  • Has a household income between $25,000 and $60,000;
  • Is a high school graduate with some additional education;
  • Is married; and
  • Is employed.
First Missouri Lottery Millionaire
Johnnie Magerl (now deceased)
Kansas City, Kan.
Feb. 13, 1986
Jackpot Wheel Spin
Largest Lottery Prize
Cindy and Mark Hill
Dearborn, MO
Nov. 28, 2012
$293.75 million
Oldest Missouri Lottery Millionaire
Omer Williamson (now deceased)
Fulton, MO
Age 85 years, 187 days old when he won in January 1992
$3.5 million
Missouri Lotto
Youngest Missouri Lottery Millionaire
Justin Glidewell
Jefferson City, MO
Age 18 when he won in December 2006
$50,000 a year for life ($1.5 million guaranteed)
"Lifetime Riches"
First Corporation to Win a Jackpot
Royale Marketing, Inc.
Clayton, MO
April 8, 1992
$19.4 million
Missouri's Megabucks
First Partnership to Win a Jackpot
Johnson Family Partnership
Florissant, MO
Nov. 1, 1997
Powerball - 20-year annuity
Winner to Go the Longest Without Claiming
Gwendolyn Rackley
Lotto winner from Aug. 1, 1998, drawing
Claimed on May 11, 1999 - nine months and 11 days after the draw
Jackpot With the Most Winning Tickets
Sept. 30, 2000
Missouri Lotto
Three tickets sold matched all six numbers
$6.8 million/$2.27 million each
Jackpot Shared With the Most People
Independence Power & Light Department
May 23, 1998
$10 million jackpot/$5.4 cash option
Split among 44 employees
Largest Jackpot Wheel Spin Prize
$8.1 million
Jean Winters
St. Louis, MO
March 12, 1987
Largest Lotto Jackpot Won
$19 million jackpot
($9.5 million cash)
Phillip and Margaret McClurg
St. Louis, MO
June 10, 2000
First Lotto Winner
Ronald & Mary Ann Brinker
Pacific, MO
Oct. 18, 1986
First Powerball Jackpot Won in Missouri
Ruth House
St. Ann, MO
Dec. 23, 1992
$5.2 million
Largest Powerball Prize Won in Missouri
Cindy and Mark Hill
Dearborn, MO
Nov. 28, 2012
$293.75 million