"Tools 4 School" Promotion

Tools 4 School Promotion

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The following winners were randomly selected in a promotional drawing.

Dylan Hall, Nixa
Grand-prize winner of $2,500

"Thanks to A+ I am able to attend OTC and not have to worry about anything except books, which allows me to save up my extra earnings to put towards my 4-year college fund."

Lindsey Bilyeu, Chadwick
First-prize winner of $1,000

"I feel that if it wasn't for the A+ program I wouldn't have obtained the level of experience that I have in elementary classrooms and that I wouldn't have ever found my passion to teach."

Brittany Tutterrow, Sullivan
First-prize winner of $1,000

"I want to go into the field of child care, so I had decided to try the A+ program not just for the money for college but to help me get ready for the field I want to go into."

Rachael Frazee, Independence
First-prize winner of $1,000

"I found that my senior year of high school was full of clutter, discord and difficulty. I had the world ahead of me, with a full support system behind me, but I was wavering on where to begin. I decided to use my A+ Scholarship to attend Maple Woods Community College; harmony was found. "


Jacob Shoemaker, Springfield
Second-prize winner of $400

"The A+ program accepted me as a student who would receive money through the good things that I had accomplished in high school."

Zach Fort, Fulton
Second-prize winner of $400

"I have benefited greatly from Missouri's A+ program. I tutored 1st grade students in order to complete my hours to be accepted into the A+ program. After completing my hours for A+ it has benefited me for going to class. I have no stress over the debt that I would have to pay back if A+ had not been present. "

Katie Gomes, Kansas City
Second-prize winner of $400

"All throughout high school I could not decide on what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I am a triplet, and my two sisters already figured out their career paths. I felt left out. I completed the A+ program during high school and thought it was wise to use it at Community college until I made a decision."


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