"Tools 4 School" Promotion

Tools 4 School Promotion

March 1 - 31, 2013:   Details   |   Rules   |   Winners

The following winners were randomly selected in a drawing held on April 15.

Colten Tullos, Koshkonong
Grand-prize winner of $2,500

"The A+ program helps to pay for books and tuition and makes it easier to attend college to better myself."

Laura Riegel, Washington
First-prize winner of $1,000

"I have used this opportunity to figure out what I want to major in and to get my pre-requisites completed. I am in the engineering program at East Central College, and it is a fantastic preparation for transferring to Missouri University of Science and Technology - Rolla, MO. I am so grateful for A+ because I have been able to save up money for three years worth of tuition towards my degree."

Robert Rigby, Oak Grove
First-prize winner of $1,000

"The A+ program was one of the greatest helps I had. I started out at a 4 year school and the cost was too much for my parents. I then enrolled at MCCKC at Blue River and was able to knock out a lot of my basic core classes. Without this help, I may have had to drop out for a while or take fewer classes and work more while in school."

Jaclyn Kettenacker, Eureka
First-prize winner of $1,000

"After I completed the A+ program in High School I went to St. Louis Community College to get my Associates Degree in Teaching. The A+ program has benefited me in my education by giving me the opportunity to go to school. I did not have to put my education off to save money. The A+ program allows me to save money for when I transfer to a four year university and also get the education that I need to achieve my goals as a teacher. I'm very thankful the A+ program was around to help me get an education!"


Chelsey Thompson, Springfield
Second-prize winner of $400

"I did not want to graduate school and get working at a dead end job and not be able to get out of there. Without A+ I would not have been able to go to college to pursue my dream career and to be the first one in my family to do so."

Shelby Simpson, Thayer
Second-prize winner of $400

"A+ not only helped me pay for college, but it also helped me realize what I want to do as a career. Tutoring the Kindergarten classroom my last year of high school gave me experience dealing with children and taught me the daily struggles of an elementary teacher. Tutoring also helped me affirm my career decision. Through the A+ program I learned the important qualities of a good citizen. Keeping my grades up and having good attendance was necessary for me to receive A+ funds. The good thing about the A+ program, anyone regardless of income can benefit from it."

Blake Martin, Ozark
Second-prize winner of $400

Missouri's A+ program has benefited me more than I can express in words. Money has always been tight for us. With the A+ program, I have been able to come to a Junior College... Truly blessed to have this program!


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