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Tools 4 School "Tools 4 School"

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2012 Official Winners

One grand-prize winner, three first-prize winners and three second-prize winners were randomly selected in a "Tools 4 School" drawing held on April 16, 2012. Read below to learn how each student feels they benefited by participating in Missouri's A+ Scholarship Program.

kason Kason Newman, Ozarks Technical Community College
Grand-prize winner of $2,500

"I wouldn't have been able to go to college without taking out a lot of loans if it weren't for the A+ Program. Also, this program allowed me to pursue dreams that might have not been possible and the opportunity to set reachable goals that not only benefit my life but others as well."
haley Haley Protzman, Metropolitan Community College - Maple Woods
First-prize winner of $1,000

"Missouri's A+ Program gave me opportunities that I would have never been able to experience on my own. The A+ program allowed me the opportunity to attend a local community college close to home as well as a chance to work with children and gave me great insights on my future profession.With the cost of college tuition rising to extreme costs, I would have been forced to take out loans to pay for my education. I was greatly blessed with the funds that A+ provided me."
kassandra Kassandra Deal, Missouri State University - West Plains
First-prize winner of $1,000

"Missouri's A+ Program has helped me so much these first two years in college. If I did not have A+ to pay for my tuition, all of my scholarship money would be going towards paying that, and I could not save it to put towards my junior year of college like I am now."
erika Erika Calhoon, Metropolitan Community College - Longview
First-prize winner of $1,000

"The Missouri A+ Program has brought about many benefits for me and my life. Without the A+ available at my school now, I would not be taking the classes that I am. The A+ program is allowing me to take several core classes along with simple art classes that are helping me further my education to reach my degree."
matthew Matthew Kowerduck, Missouri State University - West Plains
Second-prize winner of $400

"If It was not for the A+ Program I would have never thought that college would be possible for me. I could really never afford it. With the help from the Marine Corps and now A+ it it has been easy to further my education financially."
elaine Elaine McAlister, Metropolitan Community College - Longview
Second-prize winner of $400

"Growing up, I've always had the dream of going to college. My family pushed me towards furthering my education after high school and continuing going after my goals and ambitions. I'm satisfied with the decision I made to stay in Missouri and attend college without the worry of having to find a way to pay for my education for two years."
brendon Brendon Gerald, Metropolitan Community College - Longview
Second-prize winner of $400

"The way I've benefited from A+ is by keeping my grades up. The GPA reqiurement really motivates me to progress forward with hard work."