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Million-Dollar Raffle

million-dollar raffle

It's Guaranteed!!! When the drawing for the
Million-Dollar Raffle is held, one lucky player
will win $1,000,000 Cash!

The Million-Dollar Raffle offers the best and biggest chance
ever to win $1,000,000!

Game Details

A limited number of tickets -- just 300,000 -- will be sold beginning Monday, Nov. 17 at all Number Games retailers.  In a single drawing scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009, 445 raffle tickets will be drawn to win the following prizes:

Prizes# of PrizesChances**
$1 million1 1 in 300,000
$100,000 4 approx. 1 in 75,000
$500 440 approx. 1 in 682
TOTAL 445 approx. 1 in 674

** Chances are based on all 300,000 being sold.

ticket sampleHow the Game Works

The Million-Dollar Raffle is a Numbers Game that is a more modern version of a traditional raffle. For $10, the player will receive one 10-digit raffle number. The raffle numbers sold are sequentially numbered and will be available for purchase Nov. 17, 2008 - Jan. 17, 2009,* or until all 300,000 raffle numbers are sold out, whichever occurs first! The Lottery will hold a drawing among all the raffle numbers sold to draw the $1,000,000 winner and other prizes.

Get Your Ticket Early

With the extremely good chances and the limited number of tickets, the Million-Dollar Raffle game will sell out quickly.

How To Buy A Million-Dollar Raffle Ticket

Million-Dollar Raffle tickets are easy to buy. There are no playslips; the raffle numbers are sold across the state in sequential order from #0700000001 to #0700300000. Just ask the clerk at your favorite retailer location for a Million-Dollar Raffle ticket. He or she will generate a ticket like the sample show here and you'll have your chance to win $1 million.


Winning $500 Million-Dollar Raffle tickets can be redeemed at any Numbers Games retailer location or at any of the Lottery’s offices (addresses are listed below).  Winning $100,000 tickets and the $1 million winning ticket can be redeemed at any Lottery office.  Any winning ticket may be mailed to the Lottery for redemption by completing a claim form and the back of the winning ticket.  Both should be mailed to:

Ticket Redemption
Missouri Lottery
P.O. Box 7777
Jefferson City, MO 65102-7777

Just The Facts

  • Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased seven days a week at any Numbers Games retailer.
  • Tickets will be issued across the state in sequential order.
  • Only 300,000 tickets will be sold!
  • Tickets will be Quick Pick only; players cannot pick their own numbers.
  • Tickets cannot be cancelled, and multi-draw wagers are not available.
  • To win, players must match their numbers in exact order to those drawn by the Lottery.
  • There will be one drawing for the Million-Dollar Raffle game on Jan. 20, 2009*.
  • Players must have their original Million-Dollar Raffle ticket to claim their prizes.
  • Winning $500 Million-Dollar Raffle tickets can be cashed at any Numbers Games retailer or any Lottery office.
  • Winning $100,000 and $1,000,000 tickets must be claimed at a Lottery office.
  • Prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the drawing date.