Club Keno "Playmaker" Bonus Cash Vouchers

Bonus Cash Vouchers

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You could score a touchdown, field goal or safety just for playing Keno!

That's right, Club Keno players can win $7, $3 or $2 INSTANTLY. An average of 1,000 instant-cash winners will be awarded every day during the promotion, Aug. 18 - Sept. 2..

At random intervals, a Bonus Cash voucher will follow a Club Keno purchase for the current drawing. A special tune will play on the terminal, and the Bonus Cash voucher will print immediately.

Bonus Cash vouchers can be redeemed at any Draw Games retail location!
Vouchers can be redeemed immediately.



  • When players purchase a Club Keno ticket for the current draw, they will receive a Club Keno Playmaker Bonus Raffle ticket OR Bonus Cash voucher. A Bonus Raffle ticket and Bonus Cash voucher cannot be produced during the same Club Keno transaction.

  • To be eligible to receive a Club Keno Playmaker Bonus Raffle ticket or Bonus Cash voucher, the Club Keno purchase must be a minimum of $1 for the current drawing. Keno tickets purchased with a coupon or other promotion, will not produce a Bonus Raffle ticket or Bonus Cash voucher.

  • Club Keno tickets that produce a Bonus Raffle ticket can be cancelled; however, if any qualifying Keno ticket is cancelled, the Bonus Raffle ticket will also be cancelled automatically.

  • Club Keno tickets that produce a Bonus Cash voucher CANNOT be cancelled.

  • Multi-draw wagers qualify for the promotions and will produce either one Bonus Raffle OR one Bonus Cash voucher, provided that the value of the ticket equals at least $1 per drawing, starting with the current draw.


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