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We Asked, and You Answered!

We asked you to tell us what would make you happy this summer. Listed below are some of the stories we've received. Check back for new stories each week. For even more fun stories and exciting news about the "Happy Days of Summer" promotion, visit the Lottery's new blog. You can watch video from Lottery events around the state and read posts from the Summer Ambassadors.

Tell Us Your Story
Choose one of the summer promotion prizes. Then, tell us why that prize would help you have a happy summer.

Alice, Dexter

A new home would make Alice happy. She would like animals to have a good home with someone to love them. If she had a new home, she would open it up for "every unwanted horse, dog, cat, or whatever needed a loving home."

Lindsay, Mokane

Lindsay would have a happy summer with a new home. She and her husband are ready to start a family, and they would like a nice home for their family. Lindsay said, "A new home would help us fulfill our dream of a family."

Rhonda, Holts Summit

"What would make me happy this summer would be to see what thrill my grandson would get out of going to Walt Disney World! I can just see his face now!"

Mary, Arnold

"A new home would make me happy this summer. I would love to give it to my son, daughter-in-law and their three children. They are expecting their fourth child in July."

Sherry, Nevada

"I'm always telling my 8-year-old daughter that when our ship comes in, we will build a new house and go to Hawaii. The other evening, I had put her to bed and the heater came on and made a funny noise. She yelled for me to in the bedroom. She said, 'I was just wondering, do you think when our ship comes in, could we get a new heater?'"

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Sherry, St. Clair

"I would be a very HAPPY person if I could win some furniture. Most of my furniture is really old and in bad shape and ugly. It would be a wonderful thing to win some new furniture."

Chuck, Jonesburg

A trip to WALT DISNEY WORLD would make Chuck happy this summer. He said, "With the kids grown up and getting close to going on their own, it would be nice to take the whole family on a summer vacation and enjoy the best place in the world to act like a kid."

Hazel, Warrenton

"At the age of three we almost lost my precious grandson to an asthma attack. He spent a week on a respirator and the prognosis was not good. Thanks to the fine doctors and nurses at Cardinal Glennon Hospital, at age 6 he is thriving. He missed out on a great deal these last few years, and nothing would make Grandma happier than to give him a special time that he can remember into his adulthood, much like his father remembers his trip to (WALT DISNEY WORLD) at age 5."

Angela, Independence

"What would make me happy? Being blessed with a home, not having to stress out about mortgage payments, having grandchildren over, enjoying like and your surroundings and friends. We all need strength from each other."

Alice, St. Peters

"My husband and I got married in July 2006 and have not been able to afford a honeymoon. I have two children and he has three children from a previous marriage. This would make us VERY happy this summer if we could win a once in a lifetime trip to Hawaii. Our wedding in the park was a luau theme so this would be so right. Thank you for this chance."

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Eunice, Kansas City

"A new home would definitely make me have a happier summer because I would no longer have to worry about buying my first home. That alone makes me happy. I can spend the money that I would have spent on a down payment to take a summer vacation to a nice island to relax. This would not just make me have a happier summer, it would make it a summer that I would never forget."

Calandra, Kansas City

"I would love the new home because I currently reside in a two bedroom house. I have two kids, Cameron (boy), 6, Kennedy (girl), 3, and I would like for them to have their own bedroom with a circular driveway and a basketball court in the front. I always promised my son if and when we move, I would make sure that the new house has enough room for a basketball court."

Tonya, St. Louis

"I recently lost over 30 lbs. I plan to lose another 10 lbs. this summer. My new body appearance, along with a new Corvette, would really make my summer and increase my self-confidence."

Charles, New Bloomfield

"My wife and I went to Hawaii in 1984 and said we wanted to come back in 10 years with our daughters, who would have been 20 and 18 then. We never did. They are now 32 and 30 and have daughters of their own, so we would love to take another trip to Hawaii with the whole family. That would make a great and happy summer for us."

Lisa, O'Fallon

"A new home would be great. Then I could afford to buy gasoline for my car. Ha Ha."

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Gwendolyn, St. Louis

"A new home would make me very happy. This would give me a chance to help my daughter and her family. My daughter and her family live in Florida, and I would like to move them to St. Louis. My son-in-law lost his job and is trying to find another one. It would be easier for them to move here because I have 5 1/2 years before I can retire. I can help out with the kids while they both look for jobs."

Jodi, Sikeston

"To be completely honest, a new home would not just make me and my children a happy summer, but it would make us happy for the rest of our lives. If I were to receive a new home, I would give it to my mother who has lived at her present home for 30 years. For 28 years she has run a daycare and preschool out of her home. She has been a wonderful and giving person her entire life and has been dealt some bad cards. If anyone deserves a new home, it is her, and since I will never be able to show her how much she means to me and my three sons, I think a new home would be wonderful."

Michelle, Brookfield

"I have always wanted to go to Hawaii since I was 10 years old. I saw a picture of it in the travel place in the mall in California. I work in a Bowling alley seven days a week a would sure love to take a break and finally see a tropical island paradise, something different then my small town of Brookfield."

Linda, Springfield

"The things in life that make me happy are my six children. Now, all but two children are grown and what would make me happy is to be able to have some traveling time in a new RV."

Melanie, Licking

"I am renting right now, but would like to have a place that's mine and my family's to build as we want and to fix it as we like. Something to call our own."

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Linda, Licking

"Who wouldn't want a new home? I have a small piece of land just waiting on a new home. My family, including my five grandchildren, spend a lot of time at our home and would certainly continue to enjoy a new home with us. Thanks for the chance."

Teena, Mountain Home, Ark.

"A Corvette would be the ultimate dream car that would make me so happy this summer. Our house has always been filled with lots of children, and we raised five children which all are grown but one who still lives at home and is in middle school. I have always teased and joked with the kids that when they are grown and gone, I am going to trade the van and sedan in for a cool car just for myself. The kids always laugh and tell me that cool cars are for the young, but I always reply back they are also for the ones that are young at heart, which I still believe that I am. I think I have done my time with driving the school bus in the family, which I would never trade those days not even for a Corvette. The memories I have in the van and sedan, all the family trips, the spills, messes, car sickness were all worth having to endure driving the family van, because after all being a mom is awesome. But how happy it would make me this summer to see the faces of my children when they see the dream of mama trading the van and sedan for a shiny new Corvette to show off in driving through town!"

Clifford, Richland

"My wife wants a new home with a big kitchen."

John, Maryville

"A new home would be great. We've been married 26 years and have only been able to buy homes that were designed for (someone else). It would be nice to sit down and design owe just for us and all on one level for retirement."

Karen, Maryland Heights

"I am 46 years old and have been a single mom for 18 years. I have never owned my own home and have always wanted to have my own parking with a garage and my own backyard. I have also always wanted to decorate a home any way that I want without getting into trouble with a landlord."

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Kim, Doniphan

Kim used to travel around Missouri with a classic Airstream. A battle with kidney cancer prevented her from being able to travel. After recovering from her illness, Kim is looking forward to having time to travel again. She said, "I thank God every day for the second chance at life He has given me. Winning the RV would mean so much to me."

Jeri, Washington

"I have two children, a senior and a first grader; well, now a college freshman and a second grader. A trip to Walt Disney World is something that both would enjoy and remember for a lifetime. They may not be close in age, but they are very close as brother and sister. The smiles on their faces while exploring the adventure of Disney World together would be priceless."

Karen, Doniphan

"A family vacation to a place that most people just dream of going would be a great way to have a happy summer. Seeing a part of our wonderful country that is so vastly different than the rest of our nation would be an exciting experience. Our kids are 18 and 23, but we would love to give them the opportunity to experience the islands of Hawaii. Sharing such an experience would be priceless in memories."

Cliff, Herculaneum

"The prize money offered would be more than enough to build my mom and step dad a nice home to replace their aging farm house. The excess would also pay off my existing mortgage and put my daughter (16) through college. Sounds pretty basic, but it would be a life-changing experience for five people."

Lisa, Desloge

"Well, to start out with, you know when you're young and you have this car that you say you're going to have when you grow up. Well, the Corvette was mine. It was my dream car. I'm 38 years old, and my husband is 41 years old. We live in a small town in a quiet neighborhood. We have a small house, a daughter and three grandchildren. We love each other very much and with everything we have, our lives are really complete. This car would fulfill my dreams, and we could get in it on warm, sunny days and just take a trip and see the sites."

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Paul, Maysville

"Would like to have an earth home to conserve energy and feel safer from storms ... Just a simple two bedroom earth home."

Jan, Springfield

"Winning $300,000 for a new home would make me ecstatic. I work for a local vet and see all kinds of animals that need good homes. I would buy a place in the country and give some of them a place where they would be loved and cared for properly. I have an assortment of dogs and cats already, and my biggest fur kid is a horse. It would be awesome to live with him instead of just visiting him. I have lots more room in my heart (just not in my house) for pets in need."

Bill, Fayetteville, Ark.

"I bought a lot at Holiday Island about 20 years ago, right on the Missouri-Arkansas border. It's a very beautiful lot and area, and I would like to retire there. Only one problem, I can't afford to build a house on my lot. Maybe this promotion can help me."

Debra, Knob Noster

"(I would like) to win some Lottery tickets because, if I would win, then I could get a new home, go on a trip or buy a new car."

Yvette, St. Louis

"My mom is 84 years old and does not like to fly, take long car trips, or ride far in any mode of transportation. But I think if I had an RV, I could get her to take a trip with me back to Mississippi and maybe some other places. In the RV, she can lie down when she feels tried of sitting. I believe she would really enjoy it, and I would love to spend this time with her, just the two of us."

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Karen, Overland

"This summer what would make me happy would be to have a new home big enough to move my parents and in-laws into and help them live out their golden years together. My father has Parkinson's disease, and my mother has to tend to him every day with no help, and they are in their 70s. My in-laws are both 83, and my mother-in-law just had surgery for breast cancer, and my father-in-law has bad legs. I love them all so much and would like to have them together in one house so my husband and I could fix their meals and watch over them. They can all finally relax and have someone wait on them for a change. They all deserve that in this stage of their lives."

Clara, St. Louis

"I'm already a very happy person, and any of the prizes listed would be very nice to have. I have a car ('95 Honda). I have a roof over my head. I have (old) furniture. As far as electronics, I have a television and DVD player. So, I would like to have the Lottery tickets because you just never know what you might win. It leaves something of a surprise and your imagination really starts going wild with the thinking of, 'What if I win?' So Lottery tickets would make me even happier. (Smile)."

Deanna, Houston

"Oh, a new home would sure make my summer very happy. Nothing fancy, just so it has nice big walk-in closets and a fireplace."

Sheila, Independence

"I would like to buy a new home for my cousin and her family who live in southern Missouri. THAT would make my summer very, very happy!"

Jean, Cuba

"We went to Hawaii on our 20th anniversary, economy class. It would be great to go first class to celebrate our soon-to-be 38th anniversary, which is on the first day of summer. What better way to begin a wonderful summer!"

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Stormi, Kansas City

"My husband and I work with emotionally and mentally disturbed children. We used to be group home parents, and left that to work at a residential care center. Unfortunately, as much as we love our work, it doesn't pay that great. I would love to have a house big enough that we could also have a couple of foster children. I love working at the care center, but miss the connection that you are able to make with the children when you are more like parents to them. We just can't afford a house that will allow us to do that. We have one adopted child and would like for her to have other children around as she grows up. It would make our summer great if we had a place big enough that we could share it with children in need."

Gary, Spanish Lake

"I would be very happy this summer if my good friend Babette would win the new home. She is a very beautiful person and a hard-working single mom who has faced much adversity over the past year. There is a very good chance that she will be permanently laid off later this year, and I am entering her in the contest in the hopes of her winning the home."

Tony, Poplar Bluff

"My wife and I just bought a new home about eight months ago. I would like to have the money to pay off my home, so we do not have to make any more payments. This would be wonderful. We would be able to save money for other things we really need."

Mary, O'Fallon

"Oh, what a wonderful wish to have a new home!"

Kathy, St. Charles

" A new home would make me so very happy. I would love to provide a home with a garage to my sons and my mom, who I would want to live with us. My mom is close to retiring and is so helpful to me and my sons. My two sons are awesome and have never had a home with a garage. They deserve it. It would be the best summer ever if I could give this to my family."

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Marie, St. Louis

"I would love to have a new and bigger home for my family, as well as for a home business. I've always said that if we're ever blessed we would be to open up a childcare center for infants and kids up to 12 years old. We would provide our kids with a healthy environment and educate them for school. We would also give the kids a full meal and a snack. Our center will also provide transportation to and from school. This home would not only help our family have a happy summer, but help a lot of families have many happy summers."

C.D., Armstrong

"I always wanted to go to Hawaii, and never had a chance. With five kids, it was hard to save money for a trip. It would fulfill my dream vacation."

Richard, Columbia

"I would love nothing more than to travel and see places I've never had the chance to see. I would take my grandchildren fishing. Wow, really I could take them anywhere they wanted to explore. I could not afford to buy a RV, but if I won one, I would take time to stop and smell the roses."

Cindy, DuBois

"Today is my third anniversary. I can't believe I came upon your contest on the very day. We would love a trip to Hawaii since we've never had a honeymoon. We'll keep our fingers crossed in anticipation of being lucky enough to win this contest. Thanks Missouri Lottery for providing so many fun and exciting contests for us to enter!"

Leanne, Harrisonville

"Happy this summer? You must be joking. Try happy for life. I would get the house of my dreams. I was just talking to my husband the other day about our next home, that I think we should design it. That way we get what we want. Of course, winning this would give me everything! I have always wanted my very own roller skating rink that would double as a basketball court for the kids. I actually was giving up on this dream because by the time I could afford this, I'd be too old to skate, and the kids would have children of their own. The thought of me having a place to go to unwind by myself doing what I loved to do as a kid, is just that a dream!"

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Dominic, O'Fallon

"Winning the new home would be a dream come true. You see, I'd give it to my grandparents, who raised myself and my younger brother. They are the perfect grandparents and put others before themselves. They have been RENTING the same house for 31 years, so I'd like to give them something to call their own."

Robb, Overland Park

"It would be fantastic if I could win a house so my wife and I can live in it, as we are planning to start a family. I love to barbecue (which you are not allowed to do in apartments), so it would be great to have the family over for a barbecue!"

Mary, Poplar Bluff

"We built our home in 1966 and although it has served us well, I would love to have a new home that is larger, so when our children and grandchildren come for a visit, we will have plenty of room. I would like one with a large screened in porch like we had when I was a child. I love sitting on a porch swing and listening to sounds of the night, like owls and whippoorwills. This is what I would consider a dream come true."

Ricky, Florissant

"My wife and I have been married for 17 years and have never taken a vacation. We would like to take our daughter, Raven, to Disney World as a family vacation."

Love, St. Louis

"A trip to Walt Disney World would make my summer happy because I will be able to spend time and have fun with my two kids. The past few years I have been in school working towards a degree in nursing. My kids don't get a lot of my time. Between school and two jobs, working seven days a week, I'm pretty exhausted. So this trip would make me and my kids very happy and a trip we would never forget."

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Tim, Eldon

"The trip to Hawaii would be perfect for me and my wife of six months. We were married in November, but I was unable to take off from work to have a proper honeymoon. Neither my wife nor I have been outside of the continental United States., so a trip to Hawaii would be a huge thrill for both of us!"

Phil, Smithville

"An RV would make me happy because we are wanting to take the kids on vacation to Mount Rushmore this summer, and I can't think of a better way to enjoy the Badlands area than camping with a new RV in a scenic campground."

Gala, Republic

"I have always told myself that if I ever had grandchildren I would take them to Disney World. Well, I now have five grandsons from the ages of 5-13. I do not have the funds to pay for the trip that I have dreamed of for years. I was not able to take their mothers when they were children either. I would be extremely happy to win this prize. While it would not cover all, I could at least take the older ones before they get so old that they would no longer want to go."

Laura, Alton, Ill.

Laura would like to "take the grandchildren on a vacation that they would never forget, to see things and places that they would be telling their grandchildren about one day ... how Grandma and Grandpa won an RV (from the) Missouri Lottery for their greatest vacation ever."

Angela, Parma

"My family and I have never been on a real vacation. We now have two grown sons and four grandchildren and would love to take them to Disney World. This would sure help us be able to achieve a dream come true."

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Bill, Sedalia

"(We) don't need a new home because we love our comfortable old one here in Sedalia. Our home is dirty enough to be happy and clean enough to be healthy. Most of our furnishings are un-matched 'Early Salvation Army' thrift shop stuff. Because (we) love to cook, (we) would love to have new furnishings for the kitchen ... maybe a cooking island with a nice big commercial-grade stainless-steel Viking range with lots of counter space and new furniture throughout the house. (We) could then make a big donation to the Salvation Army with all (our) old stuff!"

David, Grain Valley

"My wife and I have four children. We have never really had the chance to provide the kids with a true getaway vacation. We have taken them places and done a lot of fun things with them, but we just have never been able to afford to take them to Disney World. I really think that taking the kids to Disney World would make my wife and I the happiest."

LaDonna, Cape Girardeau

"The happiest summer would be to win Lottery tickets. It's the thrill of uncovering the ultimate prize and the chance of making all of my dreams becoming reality."

Kerry, Niangua

"My wife and I love to travel and camp. If I won a new RV this summer, I would make the time to see about a dozen places here in Missouri. My wife and I were returning home from visiting our daughter and son-in-law in Kansas City, and as we were coming through the Clinton/Warsaw area we talked about how much we would love to spend some time around the Bucksaw end of the lake. I can't think of anything that would make me happier than to load up my wife and our two little dogs and in a new RV and visit places in my home state that I never seem to make time for."

Carol, St. Louis

Carol would like to win furniture this summer. "Just because I've never won anything, and I would love for my son and I to have the nicer things, because it would just make a nice summer gift to me from you."

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Cinderella, Lohman

"If I won the RV, I would take the cash instead and pay off our remaining bills. Then my husband could retire this year, since everything would be paid off! This would make me extremely happy!"

Pamela, Jackson

"I've always wanted a log cabin on an acre of land. I keep saying if I ever win the Lottery, I'm going to build one, and with the money that's left, I'll use it to help out family members. One of these days, I'm going to win!"

Nicole, Russellville

"My husband says he hates to camp. If I had an RV I think he would be more inclined to go with me. We could visit Missouri state parks, canoe Missouri rivers and sight see, not to mention sleep comfortably in an RV - no more sticks and rocks under the tent poking into us while we try to sleep or scary thunderstorms that send us scrambling for the car. No one wants to be in a tent with metal poles in a thunderstorm. I think he would see what's fun about camping if we didn't have to pitch a tent, and if it had AC, that would be even better. Even if he didn't go, I know my kids would enjoy it too."

Holly, St. Louis

"My family goes camping quite a bit, and (an RV) is something we have dreamed about having. I have four children, the youngest being 10 months old, and the convenience of having an RV would be fantastic. This is something that we probably would never purchase for ourselves. My entire family has campers and/or RVs. We are still in the traditional tent."

Larry, Bellflower

"My wife and I have been married for 10 years. Each year, I ask her where she would like to go if we could afford to go anywhere, and the answer is always the same - Hawaii. It would make a wonderful gift if I could tell her we were going this year, thanks to the Missouri Lottery."

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Rhonda, Parkville

"Hawaii 5-0 ... my husband turns 50 soon. I'd love to surprise him with a trip to Hawaii for his 50th birthday. He lived there in his early 20s, upon his release from the Navy, and he has always wanted to go back."

Joe, Park Hills

It would be a happy summer for Joe if he won electronics from the Missouri Lottery. "I REALLY, REALLY want a laptop or notebook computer. If I won, it would just be too SWEET!"

Mike, St. Louis

"I am 50 years old, and I have met a super gal. She is 49. We are both divorced, and we are starting life over at this age. She has helped me through a pretty tough time in my life, and it would be great to make her very happy. We live in an apartment in St. Louis, but we both grew up in the country. It would be great to be able to build or buy a house in the country again. That would make us both pretty happy this summer."

Melinda, Nixa

Melinda would like to take her family to Hawaii this summer. "My oldest daughter is 20 years old, and she is about to move away. I would love to take my family on a vacation before she moves to Alabama. I have three daughters, and she is the oldest. She is moving away to be near her boyfriend. This is hard for all of us, but I know that she has to grow up sometime. A family vacation would make me very happy this summer."

Katharine, Washington

Katharine would enjoy winning Scratchers tickets this summer. "I am already HAPPY, but I really like playing Scratchers tickets. It is fun to think of winning."

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Delores, Bunceton

"The cash prize would help to complete our new home. My dear husband has built this home by himself. Throughout this four-year event, he suffered a severe eye injury at his place of employment. His will is strong. He would like us to be in the new home this year - 2007. That would make his whole year complete. God bless all, and have a safe, happy summer."

Vincent, Kansas City

"Hello, and yes, a new house would definitely (make summer) much brighter and the best summer of all that I have been alive! (It would be great) to have family and friends over to share the holidays, as well as any time they wanted to visit, and if it's meant to be, it will happen! Also, being a single father, my little girl could have her own room and come hang out with Dad and have her friends over! So this is my story, and I am sticking to it!"

Clayton, Washington

"I am 18 and on my way to college. A Corvette would be one sweet summer ride there."

Cindy, Kansas City

"I would love to have a home of my own - a home that sits high on a hill so I could watch the sunset. There is nothing like a blazing sunset painted across the sky to make you feel as if God himself is watching out for you. It's like He takes his hand across the sky and only that majestic and perfect sunset fills me up inside. All of my dreams and hopes seem to come up from deep inside and reflect back to me from that sunset. Those sunsets make me feel so happy. I rent and it just doesn't feel like it's my home. Owning my own home, well, I don't think that there would be anything like that feeling. So, yep, that's what would make me happy! And, you asked. Thank you, Missouri Lottery!"

Tracy, Weston

"I have everything I ever wanted in my life right now. The kids are all grown, and I have one beautiful grandson. I still am able to get up every day and go to work after a lot of pitfalls throughout my life. So when I go the store, I am always buying Lottery tickets. I LOVE TO SRCATCH FOR FUN! I guess you could say some Scratchers would make my day ... oh, yeah."

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Mindy, North Little Rock, Ark.

"I would be happy with the Corvette. It would be for my husband. We've been together for 15 years, and he's always wanted one. He has never put his wants or needs first. He always thinks about everyone else. I know I could never give him this on my own. I have always said that if I (won the Lottery), the first thing I would do is buy my husband a Corvette. The look on his face would be priceless."

Diana, Springfield

"What would make me so happy is to have enough money to buy my 20-year-old twins nicer vehicles. They both are going to college, working and still living at home. I am my happiest when they are happy. And right now, both of their cars have more than 200,000 miles. They complain very little about their vehicles. They are just thankful to get around. If I was to win a Corvette, I would sell it and get them something else to drive."

Susan, Auxvasse

"I would love to win this prize because I would help my husband build his dream DJ system. His love of music is remarkable, and this would be something we could do together. He had a system once before, but unforeseen things happened, and he needs to rebuild. So by winning the electronics, I could help his project become a reality."

Anita, Columbia

"I would love nothing more than to have a new home that could be filled with my children and grandchildren. I would beg them to come and live with me. My house now is not big enough, or I would have them there already. If I had a new home, I would cherish every moment I had in it."

LaKiesha, St. Louis

"I am a 26-year-old single mother with two beautiful daughters. I would love to have my own home this summer because I want my daughters to have wonderful memories to last them a lifetime in our home. I would love for my children to enjoy themselves in their own backyard to play with their toys, run, jump and play. That would make my summer wonderful knowing my children are having fun in their own home. Even when they grow up, they still have a home to always come home to, because home is where the heart is!"

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Kathy, Ballwin

"I am on my last month before retirement, and the furniture I have truly shows the signs of having to move from place to place with my job over the years. Now that I can finally stay put, I would like to have new furniture ."

Leonard, St. Louis

"A trip to Hawaii for my wife, who continually gives of herself to the grandchildren and others, would be a dream come true for her. In spite of her need to take care of her own health issues, she still manages to take time out for others. I have said in my heart that she will have that dream trip of her life."

Jane, Cuba

"I would love to have an RV to travel the U.S. and Canada during the summer months. I work with students and know that traveling will expand their learning experiences, as much as mine, by sharing my travels with them. I never have the money to pay for vacation when I have the time to go. An RV would make traveling a breeze and a learning experience for the whole family."

James, Maplewood

"A new home - paid for! What a deal! No house payment equals no stress! No maintenance means more relaxation! And, winning it would just make me want to stand up and holler ... run around ... yell, 'Woo hoo' and 'Hee haw!' (I would have a) smile a mile wide and say, 'Thank you, Missouri Lottery, for a second chance!' And then I would yell out, 'Honey! Kids! Start packing! Last one done gets last pick for bedrooms! And no running!'"

Tressie, Unionville

"(I would like to win) a small farm with 2 to 5 acres - a two-bedroom home so my 72-year-old mother can have her own room and bathroom. (I would want) 2 to 5 acres so (my mother) can have a cow for fresh milk and some chickens. And, this is what would make me very very happy this summer to see my 72-year-old mother happy after losing her home to (hurricane) Katrina last year in Louisiana. Thank you."

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Sheila, Arnold

"I would love to win the trip to Hawaii for my 25th wedding anniversary in November of this year. When Frank, my husband, and I got married 25 years ago, we couldn't afford a honeymoon. It's been a wonderful 25 years, and I'm looking forward to the next 25. A trip to Hawaii would be a great way to start off the second half."

Christine, Hannibal

"I think that any of the prizes would make me happy! I am getting married Aug. 18, and I would like to have my own home by then."

Vickie, Cassville

"I would be very happy if my husband and I had an RV because we could go south for the winter. We are both disabled and the cold weather is very painful, so to go somewhere warm would be so very nice."

Henry, Olivette

"Tickets may multiply into something BIG."

Brenda, Joplin

Brenda would have a happy summer if she won a new home. She said, "It would make me happy to be able to help my kids out."

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L., Wright City

"It would really make my summer to win a new home, not just for me, but for my parents also. My home is not that big, and I want to start my own business out of my home, which my mother helps me with when she can. A bigger home would make it possible to succeed in business, and my parents are getting up in years, and I want to be able to take care of them. We have always talked about them moving in with us and then building a huge pond in the back for my dad to fish in. They have been wanting to be out in the country forever now, and we live 12 miles out. This would enable us to help them sell their home in town and move in with us and have a really nice home for the rest of their lives. And then I could always take care of them like I promised, as I never want to ever have to put them in a home. Winning a new beautiful home would be just the ticket. My parents are so giving to everyone in the community and have done so much for others, it's high time someone does for them. I would love to surprise them with this and say, 'Remember what we always talked about? Well, pack your bags. You're moving in."

Maureen, Florissant

"My husband is now cancer free. I would love to take him on a trip in an RV. We lost my mom in September, then he got sick. It would be great to get away. We could go to Arizona to visit my son."

Marie, Belton

"I would be happy with any of the prizes, but I would be really happy with a new home because ours is almost 50 years old."

Becky, Blue Springs

"For our entire lives, we have always lived in a fixer upper, and after 35 years it would be nice to have a new home and weekends spent without fixing what we seemed like we just fixed! And, we would do something else with that extra cash! Like a vacation! The kids would enjoy it not hearing mom complain!"

Linda, Iberia

"Our son just graduated from Linn State Technical College in May. New electronic equipment would be a blessing in helping him get his career started."

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Sherryl, Falcon

"It's always been a dream of mine to take my children to see the ocean. Time flies, and they're almost grown. They have never ridden in an airplane. It would be a very happy summer in Hawaii!"

Brenda, Belton

"I am a mother of six, from a 1-year-old to a 17-year-old. We love to go camping. We own a pop-up camper, but it seems like we have kind of outgrown it. It's so inconvenient to pack all of our stuff into the pop-up, have to remove it when setting up the pop-up and then maneuvering in this camper with all of our stuff and eight of us. It would be so nice to have a new RV so all of us can be comfortable. This would make my family and I have a happy summer."

Wava, Milan

"I would love to have a lot of Lottery tickets to scratch. Maybe I could win enough to buy a new car."

Susie, Afton

"A trip to Walt Disney World would be wonderful. My 8-year-old keeps asking why all her friends get to go and she doesn't. It would be great to be able to give her that wish."

Mary, Jefferson City

"A trip to Hawaii would make my husband and I have a happy summer. We will be married 50 years on Sept. 16, and we never had a honeymoon when we were married."

Back to Top

Laura, Jefferson City

"I would be extremely happy to win a trip to Walt Disney World for me and my family this summer. With my husband and I both growing up with parents who couldn't afford to take us to Walt Disney World, we vowed that when we had a child, we would make sure our child had that opportunity. Well, our daughter will be 7 years old this summer, and needless to say, we haven't taken her yet. So winning a trip to Walt Disney World would not only be a great adventure for our daughter, but for my husband and I as well. I know going to Walt Disney World would give my family a lifetime full of memories."

Renee, Cape Girardeau

"I would love to have a new home. I made a promise to my parents that they would never have to go to a nursing home. I, nor any of my brothers or sisters, have a home large enough to fit our families, as well as aging parents. I would love to build a home large enough to take care of my parents."

John, Independence

"To tell the truth, I have been in love with the Corvette since 1978. The movie was Corvette Summer starring Marc Hamill, only one year after his Star Wars debut. I believe it fits this theme perfectly. This could be my dream 'Corvette Summer' (for real), thanks to the Missouri Lottery. My dream is to cruise down the highway with the wind in my hair under the stars in an awesome Corvette. The power of a Chevy Corvette in the palms of my hands, the engine purring like a kitten, but would strike like a lion in a heartbeat, would just be almost unbearable. Nah, I know I could handle the rush. Now thanks to the Missouri lottery, I have my chance. Thanks a bunch!"

Pauline, Springfield

"My husband, David, and I will be married nine years June 12, and we would love a honeymoon just ourselves. We have tried to save for one, and something always comes up, and the money goes for a new water heater or roof. He turns 55 years old this year, and he would love a sweet vacation."

Jack, St. Charles

"My wife and I plan to travel as soon as we can retire. The RV is perfect for the two of us and probably enough room to take some grandchildren with us. We used to live in Pennsylvania, where most of our family is, so trips home would be awesome with the RV. We could park at a campground and not impose on anyone. I figure as long as you can dream, you are still breathing."

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Jennifer, Springfield

Jennifer would like to win the trip to Walt Disney World for her friend. She said "I'd give it to my friend so he could take his kids. There's nothing better than seeing faces of children having the time of their life with their daddy."

Ginger, Grain Valley

"Technically, I don't need to win a new home. We have built a new home for the first time this year. It is almost complete. We have had our current home on the market now for almost a year. I need it to sell in order to keep the home we are building. So instead of winning a new home, I would like to buy my current home and give it to someone in need of a home. It is a three bedroom, three bath home with a fenced yard. It is a great house that is 5-6 years old. We just need more space for the kids. That would be a lifesaver, and make my summer the best it could be."

Kim, Overland

"It would make me happy to go to Walt Disney World with my family. I am a single hard-working mother, and it would be great to be able to bring my family down to Florida to be able to visit my mother and my children's grandmother. We don't get to visit her often enough with work and school activities."

Rose, Hazelwood

"What will really make me happy this summer? For one, not to allow my son or my nephew to help me with home repairs ever again. Ha ha. It looks as though I have two choices now. One is to keep the guys trying to make the repairs, or choose the new home. I think in this case, I would be better off with the new home. No offense guys."

Patricia, Columbia

Winning an RV would make Patricia happy this summer. "I would take my mother to see the country," Patricia said. "She is 93 years young. That's what I would do with an RV. Thank you."

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Brenda, Kansas City

"A trip to Walt Disney World would make me very happy. My grandson is 4 years old, and he always tells me when he sees an airplane high in the sky, 'I want to go on that plane, Memaw, and go see Mickey Mouse and Goofy.'"

Linda, Jackson

"I would love (to win) Lottery tickets. Then, if they were winners, I could maybe have a new home and/or a new car."

Lorraine, Hannibal

"Entering this promotion reminds me of a song that I loved and find the words so meaningful with regard to winning the new home. The song is an oldie called "Dream." If anyone knows the words to this song, you will see that they tell it all. I can't imagine that dreams could come true. I can only hope."

Cathy, St. Louis

"When I was 18 (years old), I was able to buy my first car. On the sales floor was a Chevy Impala convertible. Needless to say, my parents wouldn't co-sign with me for that beauty. All these years I have wanted a convertible. Since the the Impala is no longer available, I would definitely settle for a Corvette convertible."

Donna, Neosho

"We have lived in our home for 20 years. I think our house was built in the '70s. I would love to make some major improvements - a new roof, an automatic garage door opener, built-in bookshelves, complete new kitchen, all new floors, a deck, a doggie door, a pool, a swing set and a tree house for the grandchildren. I can go on and on. A new house would put a lasting smile on all of my family's faces."

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Jennifer, New Florence

"It would be wonderful to travel the U.S. and Canada in a new RV with our kids. I think traveling gives kids hopes and dreams of what they can do where they can go and all the history they learn along the way."

Charlene, Fulton

"(Winning) Lottery tickets would make me happy this summer. (I would enjoy) 20 chances to win enough money to buy a new home, a corvette, an RV, a trip to Walt Disney World or Hawaii, new furniture and electronics. However, I would not purchase any of these material things if I were to win money from the tickets. I'd catch up on living expenses, and then be a cheerful giver of the rest."

Shirley, St. Louis

"This prize will make me happy because I know it will make my parents happy. I would choose the furniture if I won, and (I would) give it to my parents as a gift. They bought a home at the end of 2006, and right before they moved someone broke into their apartment and took things that were special to them. My dad got his guitar back, but a lot of things could never be replaced. I know my mom would love a house full of brand new furniture to go with her new home. They have furniture now, but it was given to them and some they had already. My parents work hard, and my mother raised me alone up until five years ago when she married my stepdad. He is a wonderful man and has made my mom and I very happy. I just want to do something special for my parents. They are two deserving people that give to others and myself unconditionally, and my parents are well worth it."

Ben, Florissant

"I really don't need anything to make me happy this summer. We have our first child coming this summer, and nothing in this world could beat that. I hope the winners have a blast this summer with their new stuff, and an early congratulations from the happiest guy in the world."

Sue, Strafford

"My husband and I are truck drivers and have been to most of our 48 states and Canada, but only on the highways and just from one warehouse to another. We never get to be just tourists and go sightseeing. We will both be 60 years old soon and want to see more of our beautiful United States, where we could get an RV into - trucks not allowed. We need a vacation, (because we have) not had one since we were married nine years ago."

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Michael, Laura, Ill.

"I would really like to win a 2007 Corvette. In 1971, I ordered a 1971 Corvette for my 21st birthday, after getting out of the service. That was one of the best summers I have ever had. My 1971 Corvette was still made in St. Louis, and it was the best car I have owned. We travel to St.Louis down Interstate 44 to Springfield and Branson, and with a new 2007 Corvette this would make a wonderful trip through the southern Missouri countryside. This would be the best summer and would make me and my wife the happiest summer of our lives."

Dayna, St. Louis

"A new home would make it a wonderful summer because we have outgrown this house, and it is my husband's (he had it before we got married). So it would be nice to have the feeling of owning a home without it belonging to someone else - to have my name on it, too! Also, it would be nice to put it on land so I can get a horse or two, which would help take away the empty-nest syndrome I am feeling! I would also like the RV so I could take trips to my hometown of Colorado Springs and to take my grandchild on camping trips! Which, if I had a home with land, he and I could camp outside with the comforts of home!"

Linda, Holts Summit

Linda would like to win the trip to Walt Disney World so she can take her family. She said, "This trip would make me happy only if I could take all my family (husband, seven children, five sons- and daughters-in-law and five grandchildren). My grandchildren would love it, and I have heard adults say that it is pretty fabulous, too! I would like the trip because it would be a chance to get our scattered family together!"

Vernon, Marshall

Vernon would have a happy summer if he won a new home because he his "family would get the home that they could be a part of for generations."

Jason, Ballwin

"I would like to win some electronics over the summer. Maybe a new TV for the basement and a new computer would be nice and a gaming computer from Dell and a new iPod. That would be awesome. There are a lot of things I would want if I won the Lottery. I am thinking about getting an iPod pretty soon, and we need a new computer because ours is pretty slow. That would make me happy!"

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Eddie, Wentzville

"My happiness would be the trip of a lifetime to Hawaii. I've never been (out of the continental United States). I could never afford such a luxury of life, but with my fingers crossed and my rabbit foot close, who knows. What would make me happy this summer - A TRIP TO HAWAII!"

Edna, Farmington

"Winning a trip to Walt Disney World would make this grandma extremely happy. To see the look on my princess' face would be priceless!"

Gail, St. Louis

"A new home would truly make me happy. I have small children and live on a busy street, so my children are unable to play outside in front of my home. A new home in a very nice neighborhood with a big backyard would truly allow my children to play until their hearts' content and not worry about getting hit by passing cars."

CK, Holts Summit

"I would use (the electronics prize) to purchase a new computer and printer so I can return to college. Now, that would make more than a great summer."

Jamesetta, Kansas City

"The happiest time of my life would be to have new furniture for my home. I could have the most fantastic summer by inviting my friends and family over for a big party to celebrate. I am in the process of having my house painted, and it would be great to have new furniture to match. I could also celebrate my daughter's graduation in style!"

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Jodi, St. Louis

"I would be happy with a new house to call my own. I would love to move to the country and enjoy nature. Watching the bunnies and squirrels, or even the birds, makes me happy. I love to feed them every day. I love spending time out in the backyard enjoying the sun. Home is where the family starts and finishes their day. There is nothing in this world that could make me happier than a new home for my family. They mean the world to me, and I would do anything for them, as any mother would do. Yes, I think a new home would make me very happy this summer. Thank you for asking me."

Jane, Dexter

"I would love a new home, so I could make it big enough for all of my grandchildren to have their own room. I have four grandchildren."

Maria, Independence

"To make this summer, and many more summers to come, happy I would love to have a new RV. I love to go camping and have been doing so since I was a little girl, and roughing it at that, sleeping on the ground in a tent. Now that I am in my 40s, it sure would be nice to get up off of the ground and camp in comfort and style!"

Aletha, St. Louis

"A new home would make my family and I the happiest people in the world. We could come home after work to a stress-free environment - no more monthly house payments, maintenance free on out-of-warranty appliances, and no more hassle."

Susan, Clarkton

"Home away from home - HOW GREAT IS THAT!"

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Kate, Raymondville

"Anything I could share or do with my son would make me happy. I am not picky and don't need a lot, but I would like for him to have nice things. If he is happy, I am happy. A new home would be something I could give to him that would last."

Debbie, Grain Valley

"I'm already happy! I really enjoy playing the Lottery. If you wanted to put an even bigger smile on my face, just give me a bunch of Lottery Scratchers. It's the thrill of playing - what a rush!"

Ellen, St. Robert

"An RV would provide an excellent opportunity for me to spend time with my three children and seven grandchildren to see the United States from an up-close angle. It would make this grandma a hero in the eyes of the little ones and provide numerous memories for the whole family! I know it's almost impossible for lightning to strike twice, but a win here would be nice to add to my $25,000 "Wild Cherrie" win from last summer. I'm ready to travel!"

Linda, St. Louis

"What would make me happy this summer would be seeing the smile on my brother's and his family's face when they learned they were going to Walt Disney World."

Jerry, Ozark

"Simple: I'd pay all debts off, remodel my existing home and buy a summer home in Casper, Wyo., so I could be close to my grandchildren and family. I want to keep my place in Ozark. It's part of the family farm for more than 68 years. No place like home."

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Claris, Bonne Terre

"The RV would be the ultimate for us. We are a family of five with a pop-up that sleeps four. Plus, when we go camping, which is A LOT, my sister and her husband and two kids that go along, too. They use tents. It would be so great to be able to have the whole family in one area."

Vera, Jackson

"I would love a new home large enough to entertain with plenty of room for family to visit. It would be great to have it in the country where our dogs could have plenty of space."

Jenney, Lee's Summit

Jenney would like to win furniture for her friend. She said, "There are a lot of ways I can think of to make my summer happier. The one thing that stands in my mind is to make a good friend from work lot happier this summer. This friend is a single mom of two. She's accomplished a lot for herself this past year. She graduated from college and earned an associates degree in radiography. She works full time just to get by for her and her children. This last month she bought her first home. I would love to give her something to fill her new home without having to work for it because she deserves it the most. Her strength, dedication and positive attitude are inspiring. This prize would make my summer the best!"

Tara, Kansas City

"Winning a trip to Hawaii would make me very happy because I have two sisters who live there. My younger sister moved there in 1972, and my older sister moved there in 1983. I have never been there, so it would make me very happy if I were fortunate enough to win a trip because I would be able to see the beautiful state, while spending time with my sisters."

Libby, Sedalia

"A new home would make not only me a very happy mother, but also my family. My husband and I tried for more than seven years to just have a healthy, happy baby. After years and years, we finally are very blessed with having three healthy, beautiful babies (yes, triplets). They are 6-years-old now. My husband and I never dreamed of having a full family and a full house all at once, but we're not disappointed at all. We have quickly grown out of our small earth home and have hopes of one day building up to make a bigger newer home for our children. Having a newer, bigger home would make our family so very happy."

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Donna, Fulton

"A new computer or sofa would make me very happy. My sofa was given to me about seven years ago, and it was used at the time. My computer is really running slow, and I feel it's going to crash soon. I do lots of writing, and a good computer is a must."

Linda, Winfield

"I would be happy if I could own and live in downtown St. Louis in a penthouse loft overlooking the skyline with a commute of only 10-minutes to fun things in the city. I could take the Metrolink to commute and never own a car again. My loft would be a modestly-sized, three-bedroom unit. I would spend a lot of time with family and friends. That would make me very happy!"

Scarlet, St. Louis

"I would like to win the house because I'm a foster parent, and then I can have more room for other kids that comes in the system."

Mila, Raytown

"I would be happier this summer to pay off my mortgage. I would also use the money to go back home and help my family build affordable homes. My hometown, a small village in the Philippines, needs a nice church for the residents there. This would make this summer wonderful and each day of my family's lives better."

Connie, Eldon

"I am about to retire, and it would be great to have a new home to settle into for the rest of my life - with plenty of room for the grandchildren to come stay with me for their week away from Mom and Dad."

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Ellen, St. Louis

"My granddaughter, who is six years old, loves us so much. The house across the street went up for sale, and she wants us to move there. If we moved there, she could come see us all the time. I would love to buy that house, but we are in our 50s and 60s and do not want to start a new mortgage. So Missouri Lottery, show me the house!"

Diane, Spanish Lake

Diane would chose the Corvette to make her summer happier. She said, "My car passed away. I need a ride!"

Rhonda, East Prairie

"I love my home that I have now, but I would love it even more if I could take the prize money and pay my house off. That would be the happiest day of my life, not just the happiest day of my summer."

Pamela, Fulton

"I am thankful to have a home, but it is old and not very energy efficient. It would be wonderful to have an energy-efficient home with additional space so my grandchildren could have their own room when they come and visit, or when my brother comes from Seattle, he would have a room for him and his wife. I have always hoped to have a nice home, but at this point in my life it is not likely that I would venture down this road on my own. I continue to dream and have faith that something good would happen to me when I least expect it. My son is grown and married, and my daughter is heading off to college, but I still have my mother and my grandchildren to enjoy. I hope I am selected!"

Katie, Licking

"I would love to be able to take a family vacation to different places around the country with my children before they are grown. Such family time would be precious, and we would have many memories to last the years for us."

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Lovie, Kansas City

"I would love to take my grand children to Walt Disney World."

Rosemary, St. Louis

"My home will be paid for in January. What I would really like to do is remodel it. I need a new kitchen with new appliances and a new bathroom. I would like to upgrade my garage and add a deck or concrete patio. Then, to top it all off, I would landscape my property."

Christina, Potosi

"Woo Hoo! I got an "O" this morning. Now, I can spell "LOTTERY." My form will be in the mail tomorrow morning. So go out and buy your "Happy Days of Summer" Scratchers! You could have your dream come true. Maybe out of the $20 in tickets, our dream of the "BIG WIN" will come true, too."

Paul, Fair Play

"I am a family person. Most of the family gravitates to my house for holidays, get-togethers, etc. My kitchen, in particular, is too small when we all get together. It would make me so happy to have a nice place for us all to gather when I have them in for meals, etc. If I knew a new house was coming for the holidays, I would be elated! I would be able to share my good tidings with others."

Alesa, Independence

"A trip to Hawaii would make me very happy. I could take my mom, grandma and I on a well-deserved vacation!"

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Theresa, Arnold

"I would love the trip to Hawaii. It would be the perfect way for my husband and I to spend our 10th anniversary! We never had a honeymoon, and shortly thereafter adopted two beautiful boys, so we have never had the money to really go anywhere, and this would be the perfect trip!"

Joan, St. Charles

"We have lived in the same house now for 20 years, and although it is home to us, there is just one problem. As our family has grown larger - with eight brothers and sisters, 17 nieces and nephews, and 16 great-nieces and great-nephews - the house has not grown like the family has. It would be nice to have a bigger one we could all gather in together. This is one thing that would make me happy."

Nathan, St. Louis

"The $2,000 for electronics would be really helpful to me. I am a college student, and just before finals my second semester, my hard drive crashed! None of the information could be saved, and all of my notes were lost. I need to buy a new computer before school starts."

Celeste, St. Louis

"As my husband and I are both more than 55 years old, we look forward to retiring. We both would like to have a new home we could have as our retirement home. We both have been working since we were teenagers in high school, and we have raised our three children, who are all grown. Since devoting most of our lives to our kids and other family members, we now look forward to having that ultimate retirement home - not in a nursing home or skilled nursing facility. That way we could welcome all of those people who have reached out to us in love, prayers or other generosity of time, talent and resources, and extend our profound appreciation be welcoming them to our new retirement home."

Alice, Columbia

"I would like a house with six or seven bedrooms and staff, so I could become involved in Culture Change for nursing home residents, and this would be their home for the rest of their lives."

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Donna, Cook Station

"I would love to win the RV, so I could travel with my youngest son's family to North Carolina to see my oldest son (his brother). He moved to North Carolina to work for NASCAR. He now works for Michael Waltrup. He has never seen his niece or nephew, and we have never been there to see him."

Howard, Moberly

"I would like to buy my grandma's old farm and fix it up. I have a lot of memories there, and my wife said she always wanted to live out in the country. I think my kids would like it, too."

Donna, Kansas City

"To win a prize would be wonderful - any of the prizes would be swell! My husband has worked very hard all his life and helped raised our five children. What a special treat it would be to win an RV - let him rest in it while parked in the driveway, not having to fix anything to make it run. He could even put his feet on the dash to relax. Better then a hammock! Ha! Ha!"

Jackie, Columbia

"I would love to win the Corvette, so I could give it to my husband. He truly deserves it. I am finishing up my nursing degree and will be done at the end of July. I had to quit my job to be a full-time student. Meanwhile, my husband has been working overtime to support our family. I wouldn't have been able to go back to school without his support, and I would love to show him how much I appreciate all that he has done for me."

Denise, Paragould, Ark.

"My husband and I have been married for nine years. We haven't been able to go on a honeymoon or on any kind of vacation because we refuse to leave our dogs at home or board them in a kennel. Our dogs are all special. My husband wants to go to the Grand Canyon, but he refuses to leave the dogs (kids) at home. An RV would be perfect for us for the main reason - we all could go on vacation."

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Janet, Belleville, Ill.

"My husband and I have two fabulous grandchildren. We are relocating in the near future and leaving behind these little ones who have been the sparkle in our eyes from their births. We would love to take them to Walt Disney World as a send off. Not only would this give their parents a break, but give us the quality bonding time we need. (We'll bring back Mickey Mouse ears for Mom and Dad.)"

Julie, Herculaneum

"It would make me happy to win a trip to Hawaii because if I did, I would give it to my parents in a heartbeat. My parents have been married almost 30 years and were supposed to go to Hawaii on their honeymoon. Unfortunately, my father's dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness and the trip was never taken. If I won a trip to Hawaii, I would give it to my parents with a huge, gigantic, enormous bear hug for all of the wonderful things they have done for me and my brother each and every minute of my 24 years. Thanks!"

Donna, Arnold

"My home is most important to me. It gives me stability and security. It represents a place I can have for my friends and all four of my children and their families to come home for family gatherings. It is a place for family and love and- a place for us in our busy lives to be connected together. To me, it reminds me of when my children were small, the cherished times that I connect to and remember so well. My home is my past, present and future! I love having everyone here. I love having them at my house much more than going out."

Krista, Springfield

"I would be a very happy camper this summer if I could win the $2,000 electronics prize! I am a new mom-to-be/amateur photographer who has been fantasizing about purchasing a digital SLR camera for quite some time now. Oh, what a happy day that would be!"

Norma, Chesterfield

"I would be so happy to have a beautiful home with a backyard. I would take in foster children to give them lots of love and a chance for a better life, since I am retired and I do not have grandchildren!"

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Ruby, Louisburg

"It would be so great to win a trip to Hawaii. I have always dreamed of going to Hawaii, and my husband has never traveled much. We live on a farm, and it is almost impossible to have time alone with each other. This trip would just be fantastic!"

Debra, Mountain Grove

"A trip to Walt Disney World would make me happy this summer because I have a 4-year-old granddaughter who would absolutely flip if she got to go to Cinderella's castle. Her entire world revolves around the whole princess collection, including her bedroom and most of her toy collection. For Grandma and Grandpa to be able to take her to see her princesses would indeed make everyone happy! Thank you!"

James, Florissant

"I could take my family to Hawaii. We have always wanted to take a family vacation to Hawaii."

Sheila, Kansas City

Sheila would like to win new furniture this summer. She said, "Well, my kids are all grown and I've always wanted to decorate my apartment in a certain way. I have been looking at this white leather furniture and a dinette set that looks like glass raindrops. If I could buy those two items, that would make me happy. That has been my dream for a year now."

Mom, Springfield

"It would be totally awesome if I was lucky enough to win any of the prizes. If I won the $300,000 to build a new home, it would definitely be in the country. Then, I would finish fixing up my current home and give it to my dear friend Pat. She currently lives in an apartment and has always dreamed of owning her own home. Since my home is in her old neighborhood, it would be just so wonderful to be able to make her dream come true, while making my dream come true at the same time."

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Monty, Eureka

Monty would be happy to win Lottery tickets this summer. Monty said, "I'd like enough money to retire, send my child through college and volunteer to help out others (at my church and wherever I'm needed)."

Steve, Belleville, Ill.

"My wife, Mary, has always wanted a yellow Corvette. If I won one, she would be the happiest woman in the world, which would make me happy!"

Angel, Camdenton

"Oh, happy day! Winning the new home this summer would make the rest of my days happy days! I have four teenagers and have recently become legal guardian of my nephew due to a tragedy in the family. Seeing the smile on their faces when they walk into a home that is ours, would fill my heart with incredible joy. Thank you, Missouri Lottery, for giving me the excitement and hope for many happier days of summer to come!"

Michael, St. Louis

Michael said he would be happy to win the trip to Walt Disney World so he could donate it to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Faye, St. Louis

"I would like to win the Corvette, but I wouldn't take the car. I'd take the cash to pay off my truck I just bought and to buy my daughter and son a car."

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Dana, Licking

"My husband and I love to camp. Right now, we have a tent. Sleeping on the ground is a lot of fun, but it would make us extremely happy to win this beautiful RV. We could camp a whole lot more."

Sundeana, Everton

"A new home would make me happy. I have always wanted a nice home to raise a family and start a new life. I recently got married, and we want to have a baby. We have been looking for a home to start our new lives. This would make both of us happy and also our children one day."

Barbara, Sikeston

A new RV would make Barbara happy this summer. She said, "My mother is 87 years old and has always worked on the farm (after she raised her 10 brothers and sisters). She has never gotten to travel. I would like to take my mother on a trip to wherever she would like to go."

Robert, Sedalia

"A new home would really make me happy. I am getting married in two months, and we have yet to find the right home for us. If we won a new home, it could be built to our standards, and we would be able to make tons of memories there."

Mary, St. Charles

Mary would enjoy winning a trip to Hawaii. Mary said, "My husband and I haven't had a vacation together in years. We have children in college and every spare dime goes to help them. We're constantly working and would love to have some time to ourselves. Our 25th wedding anniversary is this year, and this would be the perfect gift."

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Michelle, Plato

"My dream would be to own a brand new home. That would really make for one very, very happy and remarkable summer."

Jody, Arnold

"Wow, the RV would be a dream come true! My husband and I dream of hitting the road and spending time in each one of the continental states. There is so much of this great country that we want to see (other than on a postcard). (It would be great to ) find a place, if we like it, we hang out for a while; if it's not to our liking, we move on. How cool would that be?!?"

Sheryl, Kansas City

"If I should win, I would love for a family in Cameron to get the new house. (They) have five children, and the oldest boy has cerebral palsy. I would love to see them in a house where he could get in and out without trouble!"

Beatrice, St. Louis

"Some new bedroom furniture would make me have a really happy summer. I have had my bedroom set for 17 years. It is holding up pretty good, but the handles are hanging off the dresser drawers, and the mattress is starting to sink in the middle. So if I happened to win some new furniture, I would not only have a great summer but a fantastic year."

Annie, Festus

"A nice, romantic trip to Hawaii would make me very happy indeed. After 12 years of marriage, two great kids and working two jobs, I still get excited when I hear my husband walk through the door at night. What better way to reconnect and feel like we did on our honeymoon!"

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Diane, Neosho

"Wow! A trip to Walt Disney World would make my entire family happy. We would take the grandchildren, so we would have someone to ride the rides with and leave their parents at home!"

tiara cookiesJulia, St. Peters

"A new home would be a lot more than I need. Two rooms would be just as nice - one for my specialty baking and creating and an exercise room for when I'm done tasting!"

Michael, Union

"I'm getting ready to retire from Chrysler and having a RV would top off my retirement. I've worked eight to 10 hours a day and six days a week most of my 30+ years. My wife and I have never had a chance to travel. When I was off from work, I basically stayed around the house and rested up for when I had to go back to work. We've been looking at motor homes for the last couple of months, but never purchased one yet. We've already started a list of where we would like to travel in our RV."

Julie, Pleasant Hope

"I would love to go to Hawaii. I finally have my children grown, and I would like some time for me. I'm not being selfish, but I'm feeling deserving of some time away. I would love to lay in the sun on the beach and relax!"

Carolyn, Wentzville

"I would love to win a new home and give it to our son and his family. They have three wonderful girls and they need a larger house. That would make this a very happy summer for me."

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Regina, Buffalo

"My husband and I have two children - ages 10 and two. The 10 year old is very active in 4H, and we have numerous events that we go to. An RV would come in so handy. Not only would it save us on hotel expenses, but it would give us a place to retreat to with the two year old in the middle of a hot afternoon while our older son is participating in contests. It would also give us great pleasure to take our RV to the lake for family vacations or just to travel around our great state."

Roslyn, St. Robert

"This summer would be great for me and my family to go to Hawaii. I was stationed there and a single parent when my son was born and I didn't get a chance to enjoy the beauty Hawaii gives. Now that I'm married, it would be great to take them there so we could all enjoy what Hawaii has to offer."

Terry, St. Louis

"A new home with no financial burden would make this summer and every summer, spring, fall and winter thereafter the greatest blessing. To have the opportunity to enjoy my 11 grandchildren (not all at once - smile) with more spacious accommodations would allow me more time to instill morals and values on a regular basis. The importance of family is unmatched. Thank you."

Ann, Bonne Terre

"An RV would not only make my summer, but fall, winter and spring also. I could travel anywhere and be cool or warm and also comfortable. There are so many places I would like to see and what better way to see them than in an RV - a home on wheels."

Jeannie, Holcomb

"My husband and I need a larger home because together we have 23 siblings, three parents, four children and three grandchildren. We could have a wonderful time at holidays if we could all be together."

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DeAnn, Hillsboro

"HAPPY!?!? I would be more than happy to be the Luckytown winner of an RV! It has been my dream since I was a kid (born in the mid-50s) to have an RV to travel the awesome countryside of our free and beautiful United States of America! And, since reading a book many years ago in the 1980s, titled Blue Highways, written by William Least Heat Moon, my childhood dream of traveling the less-populated and "concrete" roads was even more inspired. Yes, this is what America is all about - to fulfil one's dreams and to be born in a country where I am free to do so - to accomplish my dreams! Now, the only thing holding me back from my lifetime dream is having my own RV! Please, Mr. Luckytown Mayor, choose me! Choose me! Thank you, and enjoy life and all of life's treasures!"

Matt, Parma

"When I think of what would make me happy this summer, really only one thing comes to mind. A new house would be the most amazing thing that could happen to my wife and me. We have been looking for a home for a few months now and everything is very expensive. We are expecting our first child in December and being able to bring a new baby to a new home would be great. If I could tell my wife that she could build a home and make it exactly how she wanted that would make her summer as well as mine."

Susan, Oran

"I would love to win the RV. That way, the whole family can go to our farm and have somewhere to stay while my husband goes hunting."

Charlotte, Lake City, Ark.

"I would really have a great summer now and for summers to come - an RV would be nice so for me and my family. We could go on long trips with the family in comfort and see all the great parts of our wonderful United States. This is what I live for - to have great times with my family. We like to camp, go fishing and spend summer together as much as we can. With an RV, it would make it so much easier for all of us. My family would have the best time ever with an RV."

Sheila, Springfield

"An RV is the final piece of my goal! I am a 51-year-old nurse, working on a masters degree to become a mental health nurse practitioner. After completion, my goal is to travel with my umbrella cockatoo, Angelbird, and help people who suffer from depression or other mental health problems who might not otherwise seek help from traditional mental health professionals. Not only will I be able to help people, I will be able to see and become a part of the grassroots communities and traditions our countrysides are filled with! Many of these rural areas do not have access to specialized medical treatment, and often, their people go untreated. Whether with a new RV or a 20-year-old Winebago, the Angelbird and I will load our Harley on the back and hang our shingle "Psychiatric Care 5 cents" (but a brand new RV would sure make the trip more comfortable)."

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Kay, De Soto

Kay would like to win the Corvette for her husband. "This would be a great prize," Kay said. "My husband of 33 years said he always wanted a Corvette. I would give the Corvette to him. Buying a Corvette seems a little out of our budget. He has been such a good husband and father, I would give him this gift. Our anniversary is Aug. 23 - what a great anniversary present!"

Nora, Arnold

"I would like to win the RV because my husband I have three dogs. We love to travel, but we have problems getting people to watch the dogs. This way, we can take them with us - problem solved."

Milton, Ferguson

"Our son has never been to Walt Disney World, so we would like to surprise him with a trip there."

Shelley, Kansas City

"What would make me happy? Well, let's see, maybe any prize on the list! I would love to win the trip to Walt Disney World! I would love to tell my kids that we are going to Disney World. We have always talked about going, but have never been able to take them. So if we win this, the whole family would be walking on sunshine!"

Phyllis, Kansas City

"What would make me happy this summer would be to have some home improvements done on my house, like new windows, siding, new doors, my kitchen and bathroom redone and my attic finished. That would make me happy this summer."

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Melissa, St. Louis

"There are a lot of great prizes that would definitely make me happy, but I think this summer winning the RV would make me the happiest. I have always wanted to take a road trip, and if I won it, I would definitely take the 3,389-mile road trip on The Lincoln Highway that goes from New York to California!"

Shelley, Kansas City

"Mmm ... a nice trip to Hawaii would make me happy, and it would also make my husband happy. We've been married for 10 years and never had a honeymoon, so yeah Hawaii would make us very happy!"

Bruce, Farmington

Bruce won his electronics. He said, "Hot dog! I finally got my 'O.' I'm coming to Luckytown. Yippee!"

Bev, Portage Des Sioux

"We love to get away whenever we can. It is hard when one person works days and is off Saturday and Sunday, and the other works nights and off Sunday and Monday. Kids who work, go to school and play sports makes it harder to spend quality family time together. With an RV, we could fit in some spur of the moment weekend trips."

Judy, Blue Springs

"Since I was 12 years old, I have wanted a Corvette. So I could say that's what would make me happy, but I'm not going to do that. My husband's ultimate vacation is a trip to Walt Disney World. He is a very caring man, and he's always putting my needs before his own. So it would make me happy if I could do something for him for once."

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Lisa, Independence

Lisa would have a happier summer is she won the RV. She said," At the end of summer I will be retiring after 25 years of service with the government. One of the reasons I have decided to go ahead and retire is that my mom is 71 years old and still young enough to do some traveling with me. I want to be able to spend some quality time with her while we are still able to enjoy the time we have together. Quality time together is something that can never be taken away from us and is just tucked away in your heart. With an RV, we would be able to travel in style and see the country."

Jeffry, Wentzville

Jeffry would like to win a new home this summer. "I would like to start a campground RV park," Jeffry said. "Also, (I would) build some hunting cabins at Mark Twain Lake. I could have customers year round. It would be good for local business, and I would have local people working for the campground. I could build a boat storage for fishermen. I think this would be great for the area. (I would) put kids to work and (keep them) out of trouble and make money at the same time."

Lisa, St. Louis

"What better way than to live your life in a home that you have dreamed of for a long time! And, (I could) honestly say, 'This is all mine.'"

Nicole, St. Louis

"My husband and I would really enjoy the RV. We are a young couple in our 30s and enjoy camping and traveling. This would be the perfect prize for us to do both of these."

Jocelyn, St. Louis

"Well, what would make me happy this summer is furniture for my home that I purchased this past November. I have been working on other things around the house, like small changes that needed to be made and budgeting all the new bills that come with home ownership. Furniture would really help me have the happiest summer ever!"

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Ron, Campbell

"I would love to take my wife to Hawaii for a renewal of our marriage vows and a second honeymoon on our 20th anniversary. Hawaii is a place she has always dreamed of going."

Barbara, De Soto

"My wish is for a new house with a basement for our Great Dane, Dexter. Dexter was a surprise for me on Valentines Day from my husband, Mike. It has always been my dream to have a Great Dane, and he was free to a good home, so now we need more room."

LaVonda, St. Louis

"Riding around in a brand new Corvette with the love of my life by my side would make my summer extremely happy. We would cruise the streets of St. Louis and North St. Louis County enjoying fruit smoothies while listening to the satellite radio. Of course our outfits would have to be the color of the Corvette."

Brian, Springfield

"The prize that would make me and my wife the happiest is a new house. We are foster parents, and we have two children with a small home on a very busy street. It would be really nice to move to the country with some land on a quiet street, so the kids can go out and play without worrying about the semi trucks and all the traffic."

Jennifer, Troy

"What would make me happy this summer would be to be able to take a trip to Hawaii with my husband. We have been married 14 years and I'm still waiting on the honeymoon that he promised that we would take. Hawaii to me is a place of beauty that takes you out of your busy, hectic world. That is where I need to go. I'm a busy teacher, mother and wife who needs a place to unwind and recover. That is what would make me happy this summer!"

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Amy, St. Louis

"A new home for my parents would make me happy this summer and for many summers to come! Although my parents have never complained about what they do have, they deserve so much more. Married almost 40 years, they have opened up their home to countless family members and friends alike, not just during holidays but hard times as well. They have taught me that it is better to give than receive, and that is why a new home for my parents this summer would make me happy!"

Sam, O'Fallon

"I will be retiring next year, and what a way to end 40 years of working in the construction industry than to have a new house to live out my golden years."

Kathy, Florissant

"I went to Disney World for my honeymoon 33 years ago, and I would love to take my two granddaughters there. I am sure it has changed much since then, and I would love to see the park through their eyes because it would make me feel young again!"

Alisha, Holts Summit

"A new home would make my family and I so very happy. With no mortgage payment, I can think of so many wonderful places I would love to travel with my son and husband with the money we could save! Best of luck to everyone!"

Tom, Independence

"A brand new home that is paid for - it's the American Dream."

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Beverly, Ozark

Beverly would like to win a new home this summer. She said, "I am getting older, and my laundry room is in the basement. I would have it on the main floor. I think a couple of walk-in closets would be nice, too."

Rich, Lee's Summit

"When my brother was in Vietnam back in the '60s, he was able to take leave and go to Hawaii. He told me how great it was, and I promised myself I would go some day."

Jeffery, West Plains

Jeffery would be happy to win a new home this summer. "This would be more for my 74-year-old grandmother and partly for me," Jeffery said. "She has raised me since my mom died when I was 16 years old, and she's always been there for me and helped me when I needed it. This would be something I could do for her and make us both very happy."

Stephanie, Affton

"What would make me happy? Definitely an RV! I have a furnished house, reliable transportation and never-ending love thanks to my two kids and husband. An RV would top it off because we LOVE to go on vacations, and I DO NOT like to fly! We would not have to worry about eating out, restroom stops, hotel and airline costs because everything is right there. It doesn't get any better than that!"

Lisa, Imperial

"The kids are raised, and it's time for me and my husband. He works too hard and needs to let his hair down; well, what he has left. LOL. We both love the beach and having an RV would allow us to travel without the costly expense of a hotel. Plus, I could take my dogs with us. That would make me really happy and my husband happy, too ... he just doesn't know it yet. LOL."

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D. A., Kansas City

"Winning a new home would make this summer the happiest ever for me. My family has lived in a 97-year-old home for the past 50+ years, and it has been one maintenance problem right after another, but it has some beautiful woodwork and fixtures. We could make sure that it would be handicap accessible for my mother and sister, wired for electronics for my college-age son, properly wired so that the circuit breakers don't flip off when we run heaters in the winter and air conditioners in the summer and have some storage space because the house has very tiny closets and no shelving. It would be a dream come true."

Angela, High Ridge

"The home my family currently lives in is 983 square foot Not only is our home jam packed full of love, but every room is jam packed with little space to move. There is absolutely no storage space available in a home this size. We have literally outgrown our home twice. Every space in every room is optimized to its fullest without looking too cluttered. I would love to build a new home, but recently things have happened financially that have not allowed us to save enough money for a down-payment on a new home. Nothing would make me happier this summer than to have the new home I have been dreaming of with space to breathe, move freely and fill with even more love."

Steve, St. Louis

"I just retired, and there's no better gift than a new home. I need more room for my 22 grandchildren."

Tina, Quincy, Ill.

"Winning a new home would make me and my family have an awesome, happy summer. We have been looking for a house for more than a year, and it seems that none of the houses we find have enough space for my husband's semi (truck). He is an over-the-road truck driver and would like to park his semi at home. Getting a home that would allow us enough room for our family of five to grow would be great!"

Beverly, Kansas City, Kan.

"Winning a trip to Hawaii would make me the happiest person in the world. For ages I have seen various scenes showing how beautiful (Hawaii) is, and I have always wanted to go there. For our 50th wedding anniversary last year, Hawaii was my choice to visit; however, many obstacles prevented us from making the trip a reality. What a blast if we could spend our 51st there!"

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Larry, Columbia

"New home? Awesome!"

Angela, Jackson

"I won't start with a sad, sobbing story, only 70 percent true
We all want to win, when we don't, we are blue
I'm a mother to one, wife to another
Geash! When we don't win, it's really a bother
Home life is hectic. Dad puts out fires, and Mom's an exec
Grr ... this number game makes me say, 'What the heck?'
Must I travel this week, or can I be home and stay with family
Greed .. that's for the weak! Voted family on my tally.
So, tonight I will pack my weekly suitcase, kiss family bye
Weekly, I say, 'If someone grants me luck, I could stay'
Please give me this debt-free home, and let me enjoy my daughter before she's grown."

Sandra, Walnut Ridge

"What would make me happy this summer would be to have our patio screened in, so that my husband can sit outside without being eaten by mosquitoes. A new house with a screened in porch would be even better. Thanks."

Diann, Benton, Ark.

"I love the Missouri Lottery! When traveling to Wisconsin, where I have grandchildren, I always purchase your (Scratchers) tickets when we stop in your state to gas up ... So I would love to win some tickets to scratch to my heart's content! Your tickets have passed a lot of boring traveling time, and I have to commend you for making them not only fun, but exciting and easy to redeem if a person does win. Thank you, Missouri Lottery!"

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