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Go Anywhere Getaway Promotion

Details | Rules

Official Promotion Rules

  1. The “Go Anywhere Getaway” Powerball promotion is available daily, from 5 a.m., Jan. 16, through midnight, February 11, 2012, except during the Powerball draw breaks from 8:59 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. every Wednesday and Saturday.

  2. A sequentially numbered and barcoded Raffle ticket will follow every $2 or greater Powerball single-ticket purchase for the current draw. 

  3. MULTI-DRAW:  A multi-draw Powerball wager produced during the promotion qualifies and will be followed by one Raffle ticket, provided that the Powerball wager is starting with the current draw.

  4. CANCELS:  Powerball tickets cannot be canceled; therefore, the accompanying Raffle ticket will be eligible for any drawing.  It will be up to the retailer to collect the Raffle ticket from the player if the player chooses not to purchase the Powerball ticket.

  5. Players must retain their Raffle ticket until the applicable drawing date to determine if it is a winner and to claim ownership of any prize associated with their Raffle ticket.

  6. All valid Raffle tickets produced in the appropriate timeframe (as listed below) will be eligible for that Weekly Drawing.  Raffle tickets will not be produced after midnight on February 11, 2012. 
For Raffle tickets generated between
Jan. 23, 2012
5 a.m., Jan. 16, 2012
2 a.m., Jan. 23, 2012
Jan. 30, 2012
5 a.m., Jan. 23, 2012
2 a.m., Jan. 30, 2012
Feb. 6, 2012
5 a.m., Jan. 30, 2012
2 a.m., Feb. 6, 2012
Feb. 14, 2012
5 a.m., Feb. 6, 2012
Midnight, Feb. 11, 2012

  1. All valid Raffle tickets produced within the listed timeframe in rule #6 will be eligible for a chance to win:
    1. (1/draw) One Grand Prize of a “Go Anywhere” vacation (player will receive $12,000 cash). The total package with taxes paid is valued at $20,520.
    2. (5/draw) First Place prize winners (20 total): $1,835 cash for a “Go Anywhere Getaway” travel package to include an Apple iPad, Nikon DSLR camera, Bose headphones and a Samsonite luggage piece.  The total package value with taxes paid is $3,138.
    3. (50/draw) Second Place prize winners (200 total): $100 cash that can be redeemed at retail.

    The Missouri Lottery will pay standard federal and state withholding taxes for the Grand and First place prizes based on the total prize value.  The winner will be responsible for any additional applicable taxes. 

  2. A player may win more than once in this promotion.

  3. A prize winner will have 180 days from the final Weekly Drawing date in which their Raffle ticket number is drawn to furnish the Missouri Lottery with the winning Raffle ticket to claim their prize.  All “Go Anywhere Getaway” Raffle tickets issued in this promotion and turned in for redemption after that date are null, void and ineligible for any prize.

  4. Winning Grand and First-place raffle tickets must be presented to and validated at the Missouri Lottery headquarters in Jefferson City in order for a prize to be awarded.  The Raffle ticket can be mailed to the address listed below or hand-delivered to Missouri Lottery headquarters in Jefferson City.  If mailing the ticket, the player should complete the back of the ticket.  It is strongly suggested the player send the ticket via certified mail with return receipt or via registered mail. The Raffle ticket may also be hand-delivered to any of the regional offices located in St. Louis, Kansas City or Springfield, but will then be sent by Lottery staff to Missouri Lottery headquarters in Jefferson City for validation. The Missouri Lottery is not responsible for incomplete, illegible, misdirected, damaged, late, lost, stolen, or postage-due submission of the “Go Anywhere Getaway” Raffle tickets.  Proof of mailing does not constitute proof of delivery.   

    Mailing Address:          
    Missouri Lottery, P.O. Box 7777, Jefferson City, MO  65102-7777    

  5. Once a Raffle ticket is declared a valid, winning ticket of the Grand or First prizes, the claimant will be mailed and required to fill out a promotional claim form, to include their Social Security number, from the Missouri Lottery.  The completed claim form must be returned to the Missouri Lottery in order for the prize/check to be issued to the winner.

  6. The Missouri Lottery has the right to release prize winner information to various media sources and list winners’ names and pictures on

  7. The Missouri Lottery, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value if any prize cannot be awarded as described due to unavailability or for any other reason.  Additional restrictions and conditions specific to any particular prize will be disclosed to winners upon prize notification.

  8. The prizes pictured in game/promotional materials are for illustrative purposes only.

  9. Only persons 18 years of age or older are eligible to participate and redeem prizes.  Winners may be required to furnish proof of age.

  10. The chances of winning are dependent upon the number of Raffle tickets produced for each drawing.

  11. Any additional local, state, federal or other taxes, expenses or surcharges associated with the prizes not mentioned in these rules are the responsibility of the winner.

  12. The Missouri Lottery makes no implied warranties of any kind with respect to the safety, appearance or performance of any prize offered.

  13. In the event of a dispute arising out of these rules and procedures, a player’s sole remedy is limited to entry into another promotional drawing or event with prizes of similar value.

  14. Each person participating in this promotion agrees by the act of participation to be bound by these rules and procedures, statutes, administrative rules and procedures of the Missouri Lottery.