If you are having problems viewing certain sections of MOLottery.com, you might need to change some of your preference settings. These suggestions might not fix the problem, but they have worked for other visitors to this website. You might not have to make all of these setting changes to solve the problem. Try them one at a time until the issue is resolved.

Clearing Cache

From time to time, your Internet browser's cache may prevent you from accessing the most recent content or functionality featured on a website. Clearing that cache can solve a variety of issues. How you go about doing that depends on the browser you are using. Tips for clearing your cache can be found here for a variety of browsers.

Pop-Up Blocking

Pop-up blockers often block interactive Web site elements. This might limit your ability to view some pages on Molottery.com. If you have trouble viewing elements on this Web site, you can disable your pop-up blocker to allow them to show.

To disable your pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer:

  • Click on "Tools."
  • Choose "Internet Options."
  • Choose the "Security" tab.
  • Under "Security level for this zone," click on "Custom Level."
  • Scroll about 3/4 of the way down. Under "Use Pop-up Blocker," choose "Disable."
  • Click "OK."
  • Click "OK" again.

If you use a different browser, these steps will be a little bit different. Look for similar settings to change your options or preferences.

You might also need to allow pop-ups with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The method to do so is different with each ISP. Contact your ISP to learn how to disable pop-up blocking. There is more information about ISPs below.

Virus Scans

Virus scans look for key words that they often block. Words such as "lottery," "promotion" and "winner" are often included in those key words.

Most virus software lets users to set preferences to allow certain words. For Norton Anti-Virus, one of the most common virus scanners, you can allow these words with a few simple steps.

To change your preferences:

  • Click the "Advanced" button.
  • Select "Defaults" under "Web Contents Options."
  • On the right-hand side there is a list of content to block. Scroll down until you see words you want to allow ("lottery," "promotions," "winners," etc.).
  • Click the "Delete" button by the words you want to allow.

If you use a different type of virus software, consult your instruction manual to learn how to change your preferences.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have their own security measures in place. Again, these safeguards often respond to words like "lottery."

ISPs might use anything from pop-up blocking to full virus scans as part of their security packages. This could lead to problems viewing pages at Molottery.com.

In this case, the best way to learn about changing your settings is to contact your ISP.

Changing these settings might allow unwanted ads to display on your computer. You should consider this before changing any of your security settings.

E-mail Problems

The Lottery responds to all e-mails received through the blog and Molottery.com (Contact Us) as quickly as possible. You should usually receive response in one business day, and at the most three business days. So if you have sent the Lottery an e-mail and haven't heard back in several days, contact us again. It's possible that your spam blocker or virus protection is stopping the replies from reaching you. You might have to the Lottery us to your "friends" list to keep that from happening.

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