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To check specific Club Keno "Playmaker" Bonus Raffle Tailgate Promotion Bonus Raffle ticket numbers, use Check My Tickets. You can also check your ticket at any Missouri Lottery Draw Games retailer.

Grand Prizes (10)

home or away
PrizeWinning Numbers
"Home" or "Away" Tailgate Package  4000009829
"Home" or "Away" Tailgate Package  4000024168
"Home" or "Away" Tailgate Package  4000054503
"Home" or "Away" Tailgate Package  4000105672
"Home" or "Away" Tailgate Package  4000108457
"Home" or "Away" Tailgate Package  4000162198
"Home" or "Away" Tailgate Package  4000175682
"Home" or "Away" Tailgate Package  4000241653
"Home" or "Away" Tailgate Package  4000247785
"Home" or "Away" Tailgate Package  4000260731

How to Claim:

Winning "Playmaker" Bonus Raffle tickets must be delivered to any Lottery office or mailed to (this address only):
          Missouri Lottery
          P.O. Box 7777
          Jefferson City, MO 65102-7777

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